You know what the word really means kimochi <気持ち> in Japanese? The word literally means feelings, sensation and humor, but is that the only meaning of that word?

In this article we will go deeper & examine in detail the word kimochi and its various meanings & uses in the Japanese language. I hope you lượt thích that word that expresses a good feeling.


Be careful when using the word kimochi

Despite its global meaning of feeling, this word has gained some popularity on the mạng internet because of its use during sexual intercourse lớn demonstrate pleasure. So be careful with the way you speak or use that word, so as not to pass on a perverted idea.

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There are other words to express feelings lượt thích kibun (気分) which is often used lớn refer to a sensation and feeling of the environment, atmosphere or physics such as cold & heat, and also a state of mind or temperament. Another word that means to feel is kanji (感じ) which also involves having an impression or feeling something.

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The word kimobỏ ra can also be used lớn mean heart, inclination (decision, choice) and mind (opinion, desire). With so many meanings and applications, we must study phrases & contexts to understvà the essence of that word that has many idiomatic meanings.

We created an article showing other words that are also used khổng lồ express feelings, you can read this article by clicking here.


What does Kimochi Warui mean?

The word kimobỏ ra warui <気持ち悪い> means bad feeling. It can mean bad feeling; feeling bad; unpleasant; revolting; gross và disgusting. Usually in anime this expression is spoken to lớn show disgust for something.

It can mainly refer lớn things like feeling nauseous or an unpleasant feeling of seeing. A comprehensive sầu expression of when you feel sick because it deviates a lot from your own sensibilities & sensations.

An alternative sầu lớn this polished expression is kimochigawarui <気持ちが悪い> which has almost the same meaning. There is slang for this expression which is kimoi <キモイ>, other synonyms are iyarashii <嫌らしい> and kanjiwarui <感じ悪い>.

Using the word kimochi and its other meanings

Below we will see some variations and expressions of the word & their meanings:

Kimochiii (気持ちいい) = feeling good, feeling good;

Sentences with the word kimochi:

My feelings私の気持ちwatashi no kimochi
This rain is good雨が気持ちいいlove sầu ga kimobỏ ra ii
Feeling young気持ちは若いkimobỏ ra wa wakai

I hope you liked it, I had khổng lồ write this article 2 times because the first one gave sầu an error & didn't save. So I am very grateful for the sharing. We recommover reading other articles related to lớn sentiment below:

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