Hands On: Lenovo Miix 3 Is Better With Windows 10

Hello Giktayms! Recently, Lenovo is increasingly pleasing us with unusual và high-chất lượng devices. Nice laptops, good smartphones, unusual transformer tablets. Today"s away is another hybrid. Not so long ago, we were considering a transformer from ASUS, which was more likely an Android tablet with an attached keyboard. Today we look at the same user cases, but from a different angle. Firstly, we are talking about another vendor’s device, & secondly, as a working environment, we will have sầu a “classic” Windows 8.1 platform.

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History tour

Or a couple of paragraphs for those who are too lazy to read another long, long post about a similar device. In general, the problems with this device are the same as with ASUS. It is not clear where lớn start - the description of the device, and then tìm kiếm for whom such a thing might come in handy, or from target audiences, & then find out how much the tablet meets the needs of different user groups?In the case of TF103CG, we chose the path when the user is more important, & the device adapts to lớn the requirements of a person. Of course, in order khổng lồ fully compare the capabilities of Windows-brother in terms of format, it would be necessary khổng lồ approach the post on the same side, select the categories of users who might be interested in such a device, find out their needs, và chạy thử them in practice. The trouble is that the device from Lenovo differs from Hãng Asus Android-tablet so much that at first I want lớn talk about hardware & software.

Lenovo Miix 3-1030

By itself, the device manufacturer claims khổng lồ be a Tablet PC with foldable keyboard case. That is, a tablet with a cover-keyboard, and not a netbook with a "tearing off" screen. The device looks lượt thích this: the tablet is completely tablet-type, the keyboard is thin and hidden in a rubberized case, contains nothing in itself và is connected through a set of spring-loaded contacts. Purely theoretically, you can use Miix-3 without a keyboard cover, but buy it only with a kit. This is the first key difference from the ASUS TF103CG: you can buy it with or without a keyboard module, but it looks more like a netbook from which you can detach the screen.The second serious difference from ASUS is the presence (or rather, the absence) of connectors and ports on the tablet & keyboard itself. All that the Miix3-1030 can please us with is MicroUSB for charging and connecting an OTG adapter (it is, of course, not included), microHDMI for connecting external displays, và a slot for microSD memory cards (with support for XC cards up to lớn 64 / 128 GB). As you already noticed, a full-sized USB is neither in the keyboard, nor in the “screen”, so Lenovo created a much larger “tablet” than a “netbook”, and the approach khổng lồ it is completely different.


Specifications are difficult khổng lồ characterize unambiguously. To get started, let"s get acquainted with the filling of the device:
ModelLenovo Miix3-1030 64GB
CPUIntel Atom Z3735F, 4 cores, 1.86 GHz
Built-in memory64 GB
Memory expansionMicroSD XC, up khổng lồ 128 GB
Wireless interfacesWiFi b / g / n, công nghệ Bluetooth không dây 4.0
Display10.1 ", 1920x1080, IPS
Multi touchCapacitive, up khổng lồ 10 touches
Battery25 W * h
operating systemWindows 8 / 8.1
As you can see, the filling is more than worthy for both the tablet và the netbook, especially considering the fact that the device costs passive sầu cooling & costs quite reasonable money. Questions only khổng lồ the operating system: under what is enough two gigabytes of memory and how the browser will work with at least ten tabs running in the background of Skype, Word / Excel, Evernote, a terminal for access to lớn the "big brother" or something else. But before you torment the piece of iron, let"s get khổng lồ know it better.
There are no complaints about the display. The text looks clear, the picture is juicy, FullHD-video clip is pixel perfect, that"s just ... the rip of the same "Great Gatsby" in 1080p takes ten gigabytes. And on the device from the 52 GB available to the user, a little more than 40 is không lấy phí. View details on ten inches? Pleasure is doubtful. So 720p đoạn Clip on this screen is beyond the eyes, only the eagles will notice the difference between the scaled video and the native 1080, which by ear distinguish oxygen-free copper in wires and see individual pixels on new iPhones from an arm"s length. The display sensor is very accurate, but due khổng lồ parallax it takes some getting used to, và the frankly weak factory calibration is easily fixed through the Windows control panel.
The Wi-Fi receiver is very powerful: where the phone was barely clinging lớn the network, and the laptop Apple Macbook was constantly losing connectivity, Lenovo Miix 3-1030 confidently showed “three out of five sầu sticks” và allowed you khổng lồ steer another computer through TeamViewer without problems.In actual use, the battery lasts for 5, maybe 6 hours of non-stressed playback of any nội dung or browsing web pages. Under load (as a really heavy duty, I used the conversion of 720p 48 FPS-version of "The Hobbit" to lớn 1080p, but with 24 frames per second), autonomous swimming time is drastically reduced lớn 2, maximum 2.5 hours. No one will fry 100% of the time at full capađô thị in a real user case, for example, when processing photos, so you can count on real 2.5-3 hours. It is not easy lớn drive sầu the processor khổng lồ throttling; it can be in TurboBoost mode almost all the time.

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Appearance, equipment, usability

The device, I repeat, is not positioned as a "laptop-transformer." This is a purebred, one hundred percent tablet with a keyboard case, lượt thích Microsoft Surface, và in this way we will consider it.
The delivery set is not just Sparchảy - the Spartans had a modest life, no frills, but they had everything they needed. Here is just some indecent minimum. The device, a cover, a docking keyboard, charging and a USB cable khổng lồ it. Everything. No headphones for 10 cents, no OTG adapter, no adapter with MicroHDXiaoMI lớn a full connector, no rags to wipe the display, nothing. Device, keyboard, charging. Following!The tablet itself is made of matte dark gray plastic, and glossy glass with an oleophobic coating. The kiến thiết is very neat and nice, it’s not bad in the hand, and, oddly enough, its indecent weight is not felt at all: the manufacturer claims 550 grams, I measured 558.
By the way, the keyboard adds almost as much to lớn the mass as the device itself weighs : 478 grams The edges of the tablet are completely flat, the power button & the volume swing barely protrude above the surface. Ports - on the left, when you look at the tablet in landscape orientation.
The keyboard case has a magnetized mount and two latches, is fixed in a single position with, again, magnetic magic và a triangular protrusion.
The material is extremely pleasant tactile, does not slip on any surface, resembles a rubberized fabric. Amazingly collects dust & dirt, while easily cleaned with a damp cloth.
If you enlarge the pholớn, it becomes clear that the surface of the cover is not a braid at all, but a natural rubber “molding”! However, tactile material is very, very pleasant.

Kostyl driven design

Let"s move on to lớn the keyboard itself. Firstly, it is very thin. Secondly, a touchpad is located under it, so as not to lớn remove your hands and not reach for the screen. Thirdly, some sadist did the localized layout. Of course, I understand that the main market is European và American, the alphabets there are smaller than ours, but this is not a reason lớn scoff at users. You can see all the jambs yourself.
The keyboard is not adapted khổng lồ speed typing at all: instead of "Yo" you will regularly poke in Esc, closing chats, windows và resetting focus. The buttons themselves, most likely, vì chưng not have a scissor mechanism, which is why they go a little differently, pressing does not have sầu a clear tactile feedbaông chồng or any confident state. The ASUS TF103CG keyboard is about the same as the MacBook, that is, infinitely far. The maximum that you can vì on this keyboard is to slowly type messages (like my mother with the index finger of your right hand) or piông chồng the console. Hasty text input (say, 200 characters per minute) threatens with dropped letters and a large number of errors, with 10% of typos being evenly distributed across all buttons, another 10 will fall out on the letters "p", "p" & the remaining 80% on "t ".And eo very enraged. In general, everything is relatively good, but the letter "" ... always eternal; :) :)
In general, of course, I sniff. You can get used to the keyboard: cliông chồng on it harder, take your time, remember that the "E" is not on the top left ... but it"s all crutches, & if you have sầu more than one device at home page, remembering that the keyboard is special here is not an option . Do it normally - it will be normal, here is the way out; but in this case it refers khổng lồ Lenovo and not lớn us. And, I almost forgot, it’s still very difficult lớn reach from shift lớn 6: not khổng lồ say that the colon is a common punctuation mark, but it"s still not nice. The trackpad, by the way, works surprisingly well. Not a MacBook, again, but I don"t want to lớn spit on it either.

OS và performance

Everything is wonderful inside the tablet: the “guts”, of course, will not pull Crysis or GTA5, but they can cope with all everyday tasks with ease. Playing movies? No problem. Work with office programs? Easy. Forgive sầu me, even Photocửa hàng Elements do not cause any special complaints. Yes, not fast, yes, it’s better not to lớn open more than one tệp tin at a time, & không tính phí up the maximum RAM by exiting other applications, but you can work.Problems begin when Chrome is installed on the device in a full combat environment: a dozen plug-ins are not even required, a minimum in the person of Hangouts, AdBloông chồng, ZenMate và Stylish is enough. Pages are displayed, the device more or less holds up khổng lồ ten tabs, but it would be better lớn open heavy website applications lượt thích Google documents in single-tab mode. In general, Chrome very quickly squeezes out all the processor juices from the tablet và turns it into a leisurely vegetable. The problem is partially solved by installing MX Nitro , a browser based on the Chromium engine, but devoid of anything that could affect performance. Even tabs cannot be dragged and sorted in it. But the interface flies, sites are loaded instantly, and memory consumption is within reason.
Due khổng lồ the fairly high resolution of the screen and the generally good matrix, working with the device is very comfortable. Scaling in Windows 8.1 tightened up quite well; over the past year và a half, many software manufacturers also took into trương mục the appearance of HiDPI on the Windows platkhung và adapted the current software khổng lồ new conditions.
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