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As with many online đoạn Clip games, League of Legends offers a friendly element which enables users to communicate with one another via the client, whether it be in the text chat or the voice chat.

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Not only this, but I’m sure that everyone has a list of players who they are acquainted with in real life on their friends các mục, as well as an even longer danh mục of those random players you have sầu added because you had an excellent game together one time.

At any given point when you are logged inkhổng lồ the LoL client, you are able khổng lồ see the status of all players on your friends các mục. These statuses include displaying whether they are online or offline, whether they are in a game, which type of game they are in, và if they are playing a normal or ranked game.

The client also shows you (on most days when it is not bugged) how long exactly the player has been in a game for, which aids those players and friends who want to lớn wait for one another before or after games, giving them a helpful indication to vì chưng so.


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But vì you ever feel like playing alone sometimes? I know, it sounds so weird considering the volume of interactivity in online games. However, you might just find yourself in a situation on a particular day where you vì not feel like communicating with anyone and want lớn play some games solo.

Sometimes, you could be avoiding a particular person or friover that you know is regularly online và will try to communicate with you if they see you online. Whilst you enjoy their company, this time you would prefer lớn relax, listen khổng lồ some good music and indulge in some solo queue.

The problem that arises with this situation, however, is that you will feel obliged to lớn play with your friends almost every single time they attempt to invite you to lớn a game. If you turn down their invitation, it will look extremely strange and will simultaneously prompt your buddy khổng lồ think the worst: “Why does he/she not want to play with me? Do they think I am a bad player? Was it because of that last time I went 1/13 on Yasuo & fed the entire enemy team?”.

It is not always possible lớn communicate lớn your friends why you want khổng lồ play solo, as you have spent years playing with the same group of people, time & time again. It may be that you’re just not having a good day or are not in the right mood khổng lồ talk khổng lồ people, and this is often complicated lớn explain lớn your friends. More often than not, you bởi not feel obliged to reveal personal details & everyone is entitled to this.

Either way, whatever the reason is - sometimes you just want to have sầu fun playing League of Legends và you want lớn enjoy your own company, for a change. You spover the majority of the week playing with friends so why should you not be able to play alone from time lớn time?

The best way to avoid the awkward situation of telling your friends you want to lớn play solo altogether is khổng lồ play League of Legends in offline mode. Riot has not introduced an official way to lớn play in “offline mode” but there are methods that can be used lớn work around this.

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Offline mode essentially temporarily disables the connection between the Riot servers & the signal being given off from your IPhường address/computer. Your PVP.. chat will also be disconnected as a result, meaning that you will be invisible lớn your friends menu, but you will also not be able khổng lồ view your friends các mục either.

With that being said, here are the two main methods you can use to play LoL in offline mode.

Chechồng that Windows Firewall is enabled - you can vì this by going inkhổng lồ your computer’s settings, clichồng Control Panel and selecting “Windows Firewall” from the System & Security tab. mở cửa the Command Prompt as an administrator - the best way khổng lồ do this is to lớn locate the search bar at the bottom left corner of your screen, you can find it next to lớn the Windows Button. In the search bar, type “cmd” and the Comm& Prompt will be the first result. Copy “netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=”lolchat” dir=out remoteip= protocol=TCP action=block” & paste it into lớn the Commvà Prompt. Once you log into lớn League, you will appear as offline and will not be visible lớn those players on your friends list. The above text is for the NA server and the numbers or IP address will need to be changed to suit other servers. For EUW, you will need khổng lồ copy this text inlớn the Commvà Prompt: “netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=”lolchat” dir=out remoteip= protocol=TCP action=block”.

Once you have enjoyed the luxury of playing in offline mode & have decided that you would lượt thích to lớn switch baông xã to online mode, follow these simple steps below to lớn revert bachồng.

mở cửa Comm& Prompt once again. Copy & paste this into lớn the cmd box: “netsh advfirewall firewall delete rule name= “lolchat”. Now hit the enter key. You should appear online again as this deletes previous “rule” you made that was stopping your chat from connecting to the LoL servers. If you’re having a problem getting this to work, kiểm tra khổng lồ make sure you ran cmd.exe pháo as an administrator, or you may not have sầu put the correct text inkhổng lồ cmd.exe. Ensure that you copy the commvà above letter by letter.

Another method that may be used to lớn appear offline in LoL is downloading a third tiệc ngọt application called “Deceive” and using it. Deceive essentially does the same thing in that it blocks the connection between the Riot servers và your IPhường address.

Here is how khổng lồ use Deceive khổng lồ appear offline.

There should be guidelines on how to lớn use the phầm mềm on the trang web, but the process is not complicated at all. Once you have sầu downloaded & installed Deceive sầu, you will need to launch the LoL client using the Deceive sầu client - once again, as an administrator.

You may sometimes find some issues when using Deceive và we recommkết thúc using the first method of Commvà Prompt, as this appears to lớn be more reliable. Having said this, Deceive is 100% safe và legal to lớn use, so you bởi vì not need to worry about breaking any rules there.

If the game is still showing you online, try re-launching the games a couple of times – this should fix the issue. There are times when it blocks access to lớn chat servers one way, making it where you can see your friends online, but they’re not able lớn see you.

When launching your game through Deceive, if you’re getting an error message, make sure you’re running it in Admin mode. If this doesn’t help, try uninstalling League of Legends và installing it bachồng again.