Robert Fannéy was born on November 4, 1972 in Southeastern Virginia.

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He lived in Virginia Beach, VA for much of his younger life and currently resides in Washington Grove, MD with his wife, Catherine, and two talkative Maine Coon cats.The scenic Seashore State Park và the frothy Atlantic Ocean bordered Robert"s world as a child. Ever changing và full of mystery, both were an inspiration to Robert as he mix out khổng lồ create the fantastic settings of Oesha & the Vale of Mists. A surfer since a very young age, Robert has felt a deep connection with nature & finds that his most spiritual times are while sitting on a tiny surfboard upon a vast ocean or laying on the s& beneath an even vaster sea of stars.As a teen, Robert often wrote short stories & poems about his adventures. He made frequent trips lớn the library và book store & read widely. Some of his favorite books were Michael Ende"s The Neverending Story, Peter S. Beagle"s The Last Unicorn, Susan Cooper"s The Dark is Rising, Roger Zelazney"s Chronicles of Amber, và Lloyd Alexander"s Chronicles of Prydain.Robert was also inspired by the svào women in his life and, while attending the gothic Flagler College in St.

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Augustine, FL, (1991-1995) he began writing a female epic fantasy which he later named Luthiel"s Song. Despite numerous hardships, Robert continued to write throughout much of his adult life. He worked at a number of different jobs -- waiting tables, serving as a police officer, và even working as a coordinating editor and author for a well known nibịt publisher -- Jane"s Information Group. During his time at Jane"s Robert edited & contributed lớn over 15 books và magazines và co-authored Jane"s Citizen Safety Guide.Robert was able to lớn put his experience -- both in writing và in life -- lớn good use và finally, after nine years, Robert had a completed first novel. With the help of his friend Matthew Friedman, an amazing artist by the name of Siya Oum, and his wife Catherine, Robert decided lớn publish independently. He started a boutique publishing house named Dark Forest Press và in six months produced a professional quality fantasy novel (2005).Robert then mix out to promote the book himself, beginning with online promotion and talks at local venues. By 2011, Robert had given over 300 presentations at libraries, schools, và bookstores, appeared on local và national television including CSPAN"s BookTV và independently sold over 32,000 copies.Robert has also recently completed book 2 in the Luthiel"s Song series -- The War of Mists -- & is now working on book 3 -- The Nightmares of Winter.If you"d lượt thích to lớn find out more about Luthiel"s Song, you may bởi vì so by visiting these websites:www.luthielstuy vậ nhiên
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