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Hacks for Aao ước Us are occasionaly offered as "mods" instead.If you see the "banned for hacking" message, you may want khổng lồ kiểm tra your game one.

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Anti-cheat features in Aý muốn Us have sầu been kicking players from games & telling them they were “banned for hacking.”

Aao ước Us refers to lớn hacking as anything which involves altering the fundamental functionality of the game’s code, either manually or through an outside program. This includes, but is not limited to, mods which always make you the imposter, remove kill cooldowns, show you the teams when you shouldn’t be able khổng lồ see them, or let you use vents as crewmates.

What can hacking in Aý muốn Us lead to?

In some cases, merely having these mods installed will prompt the Aý muốn Us anti-cheat program khổng lồ force you lớn disconnect from any games you join, & as such these should be avoided whenever possible.

One (not named here) hack in particular, promised many tools which would help the user violate the rules of the game. Users who reviewed this hack seemed either unaware that these were considered hacks, or did not care.

Whether they’re aware of it or not, using these kinds of mods can lead lớn unfun games that make other players not want khổng lồ play Among muốn Us at all. Anyone who hopes lớn be able khổng lồ play with friends or a dedicated playgroup should uninstall any kind of mod that promises lớn vì chưng anything lượt thích that.

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I like Aước ao Us, but the hacking is a little out of hand.

— Walter Bunn (
rhettelawe) November 3, 2020

There are false-positives happening on Among muốn Us roo


If the problem persists, try relaunching Amuốn Us, or restarting your computer if necessary. False positives bởi happen, but they aren’t too comtháng, và will usually resolve sầu themselves with some patience.

How common is hacking in Aước ao Us?

Aước ao Us had a wave sầu of hacking affect the game for a few weeks, và that has only recently been solved. It began with the kind of cheating some mods offer players, but eventually got lớn the point where hackers were able to spam the chats of many lobbies, or even delete the bản đồ entirely.

Fortunately, the developers have been working lớn combat these issues to lớn ensure that Ahy vọng Us players can have a safe & fun game.

Anti-cheat features will continue khổng lồ be implemented into lớn the game as development continues. For now, anyone who is seeing this message pop up consistently should make an effort khổng lồ remove sầu any mods they may have sầu downloaded & try playing Among Us without any kind of outside programs meant to affect it.