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Why are you like this?
Google’s plan to consolidate its communication services into Meet was supposed lớn (finally) make things simpler và more straightforward. It was meant to lớn bring about some sense và order for a company that has always overthought this stuff & made it confusing — khổng lồ a truly impressive degree. Earlier this month, the company rebranded its Duo video chat app as Meet and brought over Meet’s features. That left the original, to-be-phased-out Meet tiện ích with a new “Meet (Original)” name. It also made for an all-time great headline.

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But apparently, not all customers have sầu been happy with Duo’s sudden identity change. With the latest update lớn the Meet app for Android, Google has brought back the original Duo ibé and name as a separate shortcut that appears in the tiện ích launcher. Tapping on Duo opens Google Meet.

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So you’ve sầu now got two ways of accessing the same application.

Google told 9to5GoogleDroid Life that it made this move sầu intentionally so that users would be able to launch Meet by searching for “Duo,” just lượt thích they had done before it was rebranded. But the fact that this was even necessary again points to lớn a company that has lost the thread on strategy around these services.

The Duo shortcut might be helpful to ease the transition, but it also opens the door khổng lồ more confusion — especially when Google itself is telling everyone to lớn “look for the Meet name & icon as your one app for đoạn phim calling và meetings.” That’s not exactly the case anymore, now is it? We’re back khổng lồ two icons and two names for the same phầm mềm. And if you open up the multitasking view after launching Meet via the Duo shortcut, you’ll see Duo’s icon up top lượt thích so:

Google Meet with a Google Duo inhỏ above it. Makes complete, total sense. Screenshot by Chris Welch / The Verge Great job, everyone. No notes. Someday we’ll end up with just Messages, Google Chat, and Google Meet after all of this — sadly, without the clean, simple FaceTime alternative sầu that Duo once was — but the road there is proving quite convoluted.

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