New Relic Là Gì

Petabyte scale. Millisecond tốc độ.​ Pennies per GB.

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New Relic One is an observability platkhung built khổng lồ help engineers create more perfect software. From monoliths to lớn serverless, you can instrument everything, then analyze, troubleshoot, and optimize your entire software staông xã. All from one place.

Now it’s easier than ever to detect changes instantly, cut alert noise, and see probable root cause across any data source, without guesswork, lengthy setup, or a credit card.

Collect all your telemetry data in one place khổng lồ deliver full-stachồng observability and power AI-driven insights so you can confidently improve service reliability và accelerate time to market.


Instantly discover & prsự kiện problems, eliminate alert storms, & quickly see the root cause of problems with the help of AI & machine learning.

New Relic is dedicated lớn making it easier for software engineers to lớn instrument everything và better understvà their digital systems. It"s why we embrace open source & why we kiến thiết everything to lớn get you answers in as few clicks as possible.

Instrument everything, capturing complete telemetry to lớn underst& your digital systems better. Collaborating with the open source community is the best way to vị that. Explore cataloged open source projects, use them, và contribute. We know we can help build a more perfect mạng internet. And the best way we can vì chưng that is by building better software together.

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OpenTelemetry provides a single phối of APIs và libraries that standardize how you collect telemetry data. This provides a vendor neutral path to lớn instrumentation that gives developers the flexibility lớn change the backkết thúc without having to lớn change the instrumentation. With OpenTelemetry, instrumentation is built inlớn libraries & frameworks so developers will no longer need to instrument their own code.

Get answers without jumping from tool khổng lồ tool. With all your data in New Relic One, you can follow a line of inquiry in a few clicks. See for yourself how khổng lồ go from a high-cấp độ Kubernetes view down khổng lồ individual trace logs in five steps và under 30 seconds.


At Cox Automotive, we want khổng lồ instrument everything in order lớn understand every aspect of our architecture. New Relic’s disruptive sầu pricing mã sản phẩm will allow our teams lớn experiment with new approaches lớn bởi that without breaking the budget. New Relic truly believes in innovation & has been critical in our modernization journey.

Chris Dillon, Vice President, Architecture và Cloud Enablement, Cox Automotive sầu


New Relic One gives us an integrated, cost-effective platform to lớn centralize our approach to lớn observability. Standardizing on the platkhung has allowed our engineers khổng lồ stay better informed on what is happening on other teams, breaking down silos & resolving issues faster for higher uptime.

Nat Natarajan, EVP.., Chief Product Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Ancestry


Our team has a big monitor displaying New Relic One khổng lồ showcase everything that's happening on the site. If there’s a blip in performance, we can tell within seconds. We’ve sầu instilled robust monitoring practices that our teams trust so that we can move forward through a problem rather than backward. With New Relic, we can tell immediately when the ground starts to shift và act quickly.

Zach Erdmann, Senior Software Engineer, Morningstar


Standardizing on New Relic means any engineer can jump in and start troubleshooting any incident và see a clear picture all the way through khổng lồ the data layer. The full end-to-end visibility that New Relic provides is key lớn reducing the time it takes lớn detect và resolve incidents: it enables us to lớn ensure our platform is always available to students in need.

Steve sầu Evans, Vice President of Engineering Services, Chegg

Monitor your stack for free with full platsize access và 100GB of ingest per month. No credit thẻ required.

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