Nintendo switch đánh giá

When the original Switch console was released in early 2017, many gamers were unsure whether the hybrid would be a worthwhile purchase. After all, Nintendo"s last console, the Wii U, hadn"t done well at all. But the Switch delivered by providing quality games và a console that you could take with you anywhere. Two years later, Nintenvì chưng released a newer Switch Mã Sản Phẩm (or the new Nintenbởi vì Switch V2 as some retailers refer to it), which boasts longer battery life. We got our hands on a new version as soon as possible to see how it compares to the original.

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At the time of this article, I have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours on both my original Switch and the newer Model. I take a Switch with me whenever I leave the house. It provides a way better gaming experience than what you"d find on your smartphone, and its small kích cỡ makes it super easy lớn tote around. The extra battery life on the new mã sản phẩm really increases my enjoyment when on-the-go and definitely makes it worth buying. However, lượt thích the original, the new Switch isn"t perfect.

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Heads up: It"s a lot easier khổng lồ buy a new Switch model in person rather than online. At this moment, if you order online, there"s no guarantee that you"ll be purchasing the newer mã sản phẩm.

Anywhere gaming

"New" Nintenvày Switch

The bottom line: This newer version of the Switch allows you to play your favorite Switch games for longer stretches. It has a battery life of 4.5 khổng lồ 9 hours & can be used to lớn play on TV or in your hands like a handheld gaming system. This is definitely an improved Model from the original và makes for a great gaming system.

The Good

Long battery lifeDoesn"t cost more than the originalJoy-Cons improved over originalCan play handheld or on TVExtremely portableCustomizablePlenty of local co-op games
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