If You Play Pirated Nintendo Switch Games Online, Nintendo Will Ban You

Yes, there is such a thing as a không tính phí lunch. But if you hachồng your Nintendo Switch khổng lồ play pirated games for không tính tiền, that comes with a cost: You can’t play online.

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Notable Nintenvị hacker ScriesM took lớn Reddit recently khổng lồ outline the anti-piracy measures Nintenvì chưng has put in place to lớn sniff out consoles playing pirated games & banning them from the Nintenvì chưng network—permanently.

Nintenvì chưng stores an encrypted client certificate in the “TrustZone” core of each Switch, chất lượng khổng lồ that console. When you log in, Nintendo’s servers identify your console by that certificate, which means if your Switch gets banned, it will stay banned. As Ars Technica points out, 3DS hackers were able to lớn nhái a token lớn get a banned console baông chồng on the network, but that doesn’t work with the Switch.

Games, both on physical cards and digital downloads, have sầu their own encrypted certificates that identify them as legit. In the case of downloads, the encrypted ticket that’s embedded in the game code also includes info about the console and user who purchased it. Try lớn play a copy of a game that was purchased on another console & with another tài khoản, and boom, your Switch is banned. You won’t even be able khổng lồ play legit games online.


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All these certificates are checked when your console goes online, so if you play pirated games completely offline, Nintendo shouldn’t be able to detect it. However, that’s not 100 percent certain. It’s possible the console’s firmware could detect pirated games you play offline and flag your console for banning when you go back online.

Ars Technica and Reddit have sầu more detail, but the gist is: Nintenvị has gotten very good at catching players who pirate Switch games. If you want khổng lồ play any Nintenvị Switch games online, either don’t haông xã your Switch, or be incredibly careful.


So, considering that on the Switch online play is (or soon will be) behind a paywall, it’s not that much of a difference.