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We’ve noted the changes Samsung would make with Android Marshmallow, such as the further flattening of TouchWiz, & Hungary users are now getting lớn experience Google’s sweet treat on their Galaxy cảnh báo 4. A new YouTube đoạn phim provided by ardaiaron gives us a sneak peek inkhổng lồ what Android Marshmallow is like for fortunate users who get the download.

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The smartphone in the Clip is indeed a Galaxy lưu ý 4, as can be seen by the aluminum frame around the phone. The aluminum frame added lớn Samsung’s thiết kế was a change from the ribbed faux aluminum thiết kế of the Galaxy Note 3 in 2013. Also, as to quell any doubt about the device in question, it features the heart rate monitor that was first implemented on the Galaxy S5; the Galaxy Note 4 was the first chú ý device to lớn showcase the feature. Ardaiaron has the wallpaper that was first showcased on the Galaxy chú ý 4 present, và the Model number “SM-N910F” for the device proves its identity without question. As you’ll note (pun intended), the Android version says “6.0,” which is the number of the Android Marshmallow update.

Some of the update changes are evident. The square icons have been “rounded,” matching the new icon layout in the Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+, and the Galaxy cảnh báo 5. The S Health and Smart Manager icons seem smaller than in previous update versions. There is a new S Pen thực đơn that matches that found on Samsung’s Galaxy cảnh báo 5, & Samsung also brought along the popular Off Screen Memo feature that gives you the ability khổng lồ take notes when your screen is blaông chồng.

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Of course, with the build being Android Marshmallow, new changes from Google make their way khổng lồ the Galaxy Note 4: Google Now On Tap, Doze, customizable ứng dụng permissions, per tiện ích battery stats, và even the beginning of the Easter egg. The problem with the Android 6.0 build lies in the fact that, once you press the “M” lớn go into lớn the Easter Egg, you kết thúc up with the “shrugging arms” expression. If you’ll rethành viên, this was found in the early Developer PReviews of Marshmallow; the actual build includes a “harshmallows” feature where the “bugdroid” must jump to lớn avoid killer marshmallows. This doesn’t seem khổng lồ find its way into the build, leading us to wonder whether this sneak peek is either 1) a Developer Pnhận xét or 2) the result of a root of some kind.

In addition to lớn the shrugging arms expression, Ardaiaron notes that there is lag on his device, apps don’t load in the task manager as they should, và Samsung Cloud stopped operating during the course of the đoạn Clip. With the problems behind the build, it’s more likely that this is a Developer Pđánh giá. Time will tell, however, whether or not this is the real deal. At any rate, the Android Marshmallow update for the Galaxy cảnh báo 4 isn’t too far off now. If it is legitimate, then the lathử nghiệm leak of Marshmallow for the Galaxy Note 4 was all too genuine.

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