What is the OGSM Strategy Framework, and what are best practices, tools and online templates for teams and organizations?


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The OGSM Strategy Framework is a method that helps to guide organizations from the planning to the implementation phase of the business strategy development process. OGSM is an acronym that stands for Objective, Goals, Strategies, and Measures. An organization can use this method to connect its broader strategies, such as its mission and vision statements or its values, to concrete and actionable steps that can be taken to integrate the strategy into the daily behaviors of its employees.

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The four elements of the OGSM Framework should be determined in order.

1. Objective: The organization’s leaders should clearly determine what the overall purpose of the new strategy is and what the strategy contributes to the organization’s ultimate purpose. Importantly, the purpose of the strategy should be organization-specific. Additionally, when stating the objective of the strategy, consideration should also be given to actions that can be taken towards achieving its goals. For example: Create an engaging customer experience that drives repeat sales.

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2. Goals: In this stage, the objective can be broken down into smaller, more attainable goals. More specifically, these should be goals for which progress can be easily monitored and recorded. The objective should be broad enough that it can be broken into several smaller goals. When establishing these goals, it is important to think beyond sales figures and bottom-line performance, and consider innovative product development, streamlined processes, etc. For example: Update website to include useful content that enhances the customer experience.

3. Strategies: It is crucial to establish an action plan to accomplish the goals established in the prior stage. This process involves considering the amount and type of available resources, the timeline of the project, as well as marketing and production techniques. This step in the process takes a considerable amount of time because it is important to have very clear and detailed steps to make progress toward accomplishing the broader objective. For example: Use articles to engage customers in learning about new technologies, including our products.

4. Measures: In order to monitor progress toward long-term goals, it is important to measure and compare the current state of the progression toward goal attainment against the timeline that was developed. Therefore, measurement tools must be developed and research done on common industry benchmarks. The way that progress is measured is going to determine how the process will be modified as time goes on. For example: Write six new articles this quarter to publish on our website and promote through social media.