Otome games không tính tiền dating sim: A Sliông xã Romance 1.6.0 time_update

Name: Otome games không lấy phí dating sim: A Slichồng Romance Haông xã Mod Version: 1.6.0 Root needed: NO Internet required: YES Size: 80.8 MB Categories: Entertainment Game Price: Free Otome games không lấy phí dating sim: A Sliông chồng Romance Mods Feature: Free Shopping Credits: ??? NOTES: Install Lucky Patcher then activate the mod Pđánh giá Mod:

Game Description

It"s just you và hlặng in the Salon room...These sexy and handsome talented estheticianswill make your heart warm & your body toàn thân sweaty..."It"s just a massage,but it seems you"re enjoying it a lot"Massages, styling, make up, skin care, aroma therapy...There"s a hot speciadanh mục for everything!Their expert fingertips will make you feel some unknown sensations...■Love sầu stories"Gratia" is a celebrity beauty salon tóc run by handsome ikemen.You, working in a rival salon tóc,decide lớn spy on them in order to learn the secrets behind a geniusesthetician called "Gold Fingers"...■Svào points✓Read 5 episodes(chapters) every day for FREE!✓Unlike other otome games(choice game), this one has no missions!✓You can read the whole story without recurring to in-tiện ích purchases!✓An exciting dating sim that lets you fall in love withthe hotkiểm tra guys you"ve sầu ever seen!■Characters Introduction♥Mirai IgarashiA charismatic hair stymenu, as popular as an idol."It will be my pleasure khổng lồ make you even more beautiful."♥Zio FujishimaA sadist nail artist who has gained an overwhelming following."What a nice voice. It motivates me."♥Tenkyu TodojiA sexy genius massager, who knows how to treat a woman."Leave sầu your body và mind in my hands, & you"ll feel good."♥Seima SerizawaA reticent perfumer who specializes in aphrodisiac fragrances."This perfume will bring out your charm."♥Toru KunikidaA mysterious genius esthetician with a doctor"s license."Don"t show your skin khổng lồ other men. It"s unpleasant."■Supported languageEnglish, French, German■Official websiteLOG(Love sầu stories và Otome Games)■Follow us on our "SNS"Twitter:@Otomegamesinfo games information by Ciagram otomegames■Basic Information✓Free installation✓Free basic play■Warning✓Uninstalling the ứng dụng or clearing the cabịt will reset player data.✓This game will not work offline. Make sure you have sầu an internet connection when you play.✓Update your device"s software khổng lồ version 4.1 or later lớn play.