Pes 2017 Mobile For Android Now Available In Some Countries

PES 2017 is now available on Android & iOS The game is free-to-play, with optional in-phầm mềm purchases It uses the same game engine as the console series
More than eight months after the release of Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, Konami has brought the game to Smartphone devices worldwide. Unlike the iterative and standalone strategy devised by EA for FIFA điện thoại, which chopped và changed football"s format, PES 2017 di động retains the full console experience, right down to lớn the soundtraông xã & commentary. If you"re wondering (much lượt thích us) why we are only getting this now, given we"re barely four months away from the release of PES 2018, that"s thanks khổng lồ a protracted development and release schedule.The gamehas been available in various beta phases since December, but is only now getting a full-scale launch, available không lấy phí on both Android và iOS, with optional in-phầm mềm purchases.

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From the get-go, you can tell that Konamày wanted to lớn hew as cthất bại to lớn its console cousin in how the game looks và plays. Of course, mobiles still can’t compete with consoles in terms of power, but PES 2017 sản phẩm điện thoại can definitely pass for an older PES console entry at first glance. More importantly, it works smoothly always, without taxing your phone lớn the point where it starts to heat up. And since the ayên ổn is lớn provide the full PES 2017 experience, the Mobile version comes in at a hefty 1.5GB tải về. Match commentary isn"t included in that, which is a good thing since it"s available in half a dozen different languages. Instead, it waits for you to select your preference, and then downloads the (around 250MB) pack in-game.

As with any sản phẩm điện thoại title, PES 2017 sản phẩm điện thoại starts you off with a tutorial, teaching you the basic controls for dribble, pass, shoot, và pressure. There are other advanced tutorials as well, for lob pass, through ball, slide tackle, và more, but in the interest of getting you inlớn the action quicker, they aren’t shown at the start. Konamày has come up with a new control scheme khổng lồ suit the di động play-style, which involves swiping on the screen in different ways. You can switch to lớn the classic on-screen buttons if you prefer, but we found ourselves warming to lớn the new controls quickly.


Once you get the hang of the basic controls, the game lets you pick your favourite team, with the same number of licenses as the console version. You"re thrown into lớn an exhibition match right after, against the likes of FC Barcelona, and Borussia Dortmund. We won the game very easily (8-0, to lớn be precise), and figured there would be a difficulty option to lớn choose from later. But to our dismay, PES 2017 Smartphone doesn"t have sầu one.

Instead, difficulty ramps up as you progress through the game"s Campaign mode. Think of it as FIFA"s Seasons, except you play against computer-controlled teams instead of other users. Each chiến dịch season is 10 games long, và you need a certain amount of points to qualify for the next one. There"s a simulation version of Campaign, where all 22 players are AI-controlled, & you only handle the management.

It could be beneficial for rookies, as they could learn something from the way the AI plays. You can also take part in local & online games, where you match up with others in real-time. We didn"t face any troubles with matchmaking (on Wi-Fi & cellular data), though it"s possible games will drop if your connection in unstable.

The last remaining, and most prominently displayed, game mode is called Events, which are challenges available for a limited time, some for a week, & others daily. Konamày will also have sầu challenges set around real-world happenings, such as the upcoming UEFA Champions League final. The more events you play, the tougher challenges you can unlochồng. Konami allows you khổng lồ repeat these challenges, with the first attempt netting you some myClub Coins và GPhường, with future plays only providing more GP.. More on those two later.


Stripped downAlthough it"s called "PES 2017", for all intents and purposes, the game"s mobile version essentially retains one of the (money-making) aspects: myClub, which is Konami"s answer to lớn FIFA Ultimate Team. After you"ve sầu had the luxury of playing with a top team in the opening exhibition, you"re given a poor lot of players (usually in mid-60s, rating-wise) whom you must improve & win games with to lớn better your squad. As you continue lớn play, you"ll build up two values that matter: GP, & myClub Coins. Both can be used to sign new players, buy agents, renew contracts, và so forth.

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While GPhường is earned only via playing, myClub Coins can be earned through achievements upon completing a specific task, or bought with actual money (i.e. in-tiện ích purchases) from an in-game siêu thị, starting from Rs. 80, và going up khổng lồ Rs. 7,900. Since it"s a free-to-play title, it"s obviously much quicker khổng lồ collect more coins by paying. If you"re willing khổng lồ pay up, you can even buy a “Special Agent” with myClub Coins, which will help you sign "special players", & get on the road khổng lồ glory easier than everyone else.

Plus, signing a new player is restricted to lớn a lucky draw of sorts, where a carousel of white, silver, golden, và blachồng balls scroll across the screen at a high tốc độ, with a selection circle in the middle. Depending on when you touch the screen, it"ll slow down và come to rest at one of the colours, & get you that level of player. White is the lowest, with blachồng being the highest. You can get new players from agents or scouts - the former costs 10,000GPhường. after the first time, & the latter are earned through playing.


There"s even a limit on how many matches you can fit in back-to-bachồng, which comes by way of an Energy Bar (100 when full) that depletes by 20 with every game you play. It takes 15 minutes for it to lớn recharge by one - excruciatingly slow, intentionally - which is supposed to incentivise spending on energy recharges (read: myClub Coins) in the shop section.

The bigger disappointment, in the light of the focus on myClub in PES 2017 điện thoại, is that it takes away the option khổng lồ play exhibition matches using real-world clubs by yourself or with your friends. The charm of di động gaming, after all, is that you can play any time, và enjoy it without needing a specialised machine. We wish that Konamày had allowed for impromptu Champions League games between the biggest European clubs, though it"s understandable why it would hesitate lớn, given the free-to-play nature of the game.

VerdictEven though PES 2017 mobile will be too easy (& in turn, boring) for players with any sort of experience, it"s still commendable that Konangươi could provide the same game engine – albeit an optimised one – used in the original console version, which provides for fast, attack-heavy arcade play, something PES has come khổng lồ fully embrace, while EA Sports" FIFA has gone the opposite route. Compared lớn FIFA di động, it"s in a league of its own, albeit with some constraints & frustrations inherent of free-to-play titles.

If you"re looking for football action on the go, you could vị a lot worse.


Runs great New control scheme is well-thought Commentary & soundtrack


No way to lớn change difficulty Can’t play with real teams or clubs Signing good players is down lớn luchồng Energy Bar takes a day lớn fully recharge

Rating (out of 10): 7

We played PES 2017 điện thoại on an iPhone 6 Plus. The game is free-to-play with in-phầm mềm purchases on Android, và iOS.

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