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You remember Snake Xenzia, don’t you? If you ever used Nokia’s entry level phones (like the old 3310), you can’t help reminiscing the vintage memories. Yeah, it is true that the all-new 3310 also comes with a refined version of the game.

We have come a long way with regards lớn Smartphone games. The developers already improved the scenes with close-to-reality graphics. In case you hate violent games và cherish playing sports titles, you can’t overlook Pro Evolution Soccer aka PES (of course, there is a PES vs FIFA debate).


Did you try opening PES sản phẩm điện thoại 2019 today? You got an error message, didn’t you? When you continuously try to get through, it might have sầu rerouted you to lớn the Play Store page of the game. Don’t worry! It ain’t a bug, but an indication that a major update is underway (PES 2020, of course).

Server maintenance notification- PES 2019

Konamày had already notified every user through an open notice, displayed on launching the game. Once the update window ends, you can enjoy PES 20đôi mươi with at least a few new features (probably!). You can read the official notice below.

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PES 2019 maintenance open notice

You have sầu to bear in mind that they treat the days from 17 lớn 24 (October) as pre-open period. Meaning, there may be unannounced maintenances.

Although you get lớn use updated team squads, you will be unable lớn leverage features like Live sầu Updates, Special Agents, Box Draws, Login Campaign & a few leagues.

Update 1 (Oct 15)

eFootball PES 20trăng tròn is available as an update lớn both iOS & Android. Due to lớn simultaneous crashing, many are unable khổng lồ play, though.

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