To attach your documents & photos to the pages of a paper-page album or scrapbook, you"ll need khổng lồ select an appropriate adhesive sầu. A double sided tape dispenser is a great choice, as are glue dots for memory books. Photo lớn corners are the preferred method.

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Old-fashioned photo corners had a water-activated adhesive sầu, meaning you had to lichồng them to make them sticky. Besides being tedious (not khổng lồ mention tasting icky!), this adhesive was prone to early deterioration which means they can fall off. You may have sầu seen an old scrapbook with this kind of corners on the pages, và they are coming apart.

The reason photo corners work best is because the adhesive sầu never touches the pholớn, it is stuông xã only khổng lồ the page of your album. If you decide khổng lồ remove or rearrange a photo lớn later, there is no adhesive to remove, just pop it out of the corners.

You should avoid most household glue lượt thích trắng craft và school glues because the high water content will cause your pages to warp. You should also avoid using regular cellophane tape & rubber cement, because they are not pH balanced, và will deteriorate over time, losing their stichồng and leaving ugly brown marks on your pages and irreplaceable photos & documents.

If you choose to lớn purchase an adhesive locally, look for the following markings on the package:

Acid-freePhoto-safeArchivalNeutral pHor similar indications that the adhesive sầu has long-term archival properties

So, here"s how to use our self-adhesive sầu pholớn corners. They are pretty much self-explanatory, but just in case you need a little help, here"s a step by step.


Self adhesive phokhổng lồ corners come on a peel-off sheet.

Just slip each corner of your pholớn into lớn the triangular pocket

Pull the phokhổng lồ corner away from the sheet while it is attached khổng lồ your photo


The baông chồng of the phokhổng lồ corner is coated with an archival "sticker" adhesive



Place one phokhổng lồ corner on each corner of your photo

Position your photo where you want it on the page

Gently press down on the photo lớn corners to lớn fix the pholớn in place Clear Phokhổng lồ Corners work the same way, but they are dispensed on a roll instead of a sheet. Clear pholớn corners are almost invisible, và give sầu a more modern look.

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Glue Dots for Memory Books are great for larger photos và documents.

They are little circles of double-sided adhesive, dispensed on a roll.

Press one dot of the BACK of each corner of the photo lớn by pressing it against the dot on the roll.


Turn the photo lớn over and position it on the page. Press the corners lightly to fix it in place.


Glue dots adhesive sầu is permanent & doesn"t show on the face of your phokhổng lồ at all.


 You can purchase self adhesive photo lớn corners from Jenni Bick Bookbinding. Cliông xã here for ordering information.