Vincom suits platinum cineplex

Vincom Retail Joint Stochồng Company (VCR) has filed a lawsuit against the M.V.Phường Group, owner of Platinum Cineplex, after the Indonesian entertainment conglomerate claimed that the closure of its cinemas at three Vincom trading centres early March is illegal.

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Earlier, on March 8, the M.V.Phường. Group held a press conference lớn address issued related khổng lồ the closure of Platinum Cineplex, the biggest cinema operator by screen in Hanoi, at three Vincom malls.

The three cinemas include Platinum Royal City in Thanh Xuan District, Platinum Times City in Hai Ba Trung District and Platinum Long Biên in Gia Lam District.

At the press conference, an M.V.P representative said that VCR’s unilateral termination of the contract signed with M.V.P. Group ahead of expiration date was illegal, as the group had not breached the contract.

Platinum has no outstanding debts at any of the three Vincom malls, the representative sầu said, dismissing claims made by Vincom Retail in local truyền thông media.

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He said that the information supplied by VCR had serious impact on the group’s prestige.

In response to claims by the M.V.P Group, VCR general director Trần Mai Hoa said VCR had many times asked the M.V.P khổng lồ voluntarily move sầu its assets away from VCR premises as regulated in contract clause of termination. However, M.V.P has deliberately delayed moving.

Specically, on October 15, năm nhâm thìn, M.V.Phường agreed khổng lồ move sầu their assets but later asked for extension lớn February 4, 2017. On December 19, năm 2016, the group once again asked for an extension of 10 to 12 months. On December đôi mươi, 2016, it requested an extension và permission to operate over the Tết (Lunar New Year) holiday.

VCR agreed khổng lồ an extension to February 24, but M.V.Phường has still not moved its assets. Therefore, on March 1, VCR was forced to lớn seal the premises, in accordance with the contract. It notified M.V.P of its plans, & even agreed for M.V.P lớn skết thúc a representative to lớn the premises to lớn kiểm tra its assets.

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“Sealing the premises is a legal measure lớn recover our premises appropriated by the M.V.Phường when the leasing contract ended,” Hoa said. It was done & witnessed by M.V.Phường managers & representatives from authorities at each location.

Related to the outstanding debts, Hoa said that VCR và M.V.Phường. had a working session to…

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