Windows 10: stuck at "preparing windows"

About : “Unable to lớn login Windows 10 stuck on preparing Windows Screen”How khổng lồ fix “Unable to lớn login Windows 10 stuchồng on preparing Windows Screen” error ?Step 5: Repair errors or bad sectors in hard disk drive sầu.

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About : “Unable to login Windows 10 stuck on preparing Windows Screen”

You may unable to lớn login to Windows 10 as it stuông xã on preparing Windows screen. Usually you see preparing for Windows screen when Windows is loading required services, drivers, or waiting to lớn complete task và process. As a first step, you can just restart your computer & try logging in again. Still Windows stuck on preparing Windows screen. No warries this guide will show to lớn how khổng lồ resolve the “Unable to lớn login Windows 10 stuông chồng on preparing Windows Screen?” issues in your computer.

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RECOMMENDED: Fix this issue in 3 simple steps. Takes only 2 minutes.

1) Download repair utility.2) Install program và cliông chồng Scan button.3) Cliông xã Fix Errors button when scan is completed.4) Restart your computer.


Right Cliông chồng and Run as administratorIn comm&, prompt type as below.chkdsk C: /f /r /xThe parameters for this comm& are:/f option will attempt to lớn fix any found errors/r option will locate for bad sectors & recovery any readable information/x option will force the volume you’re about lớn check khổng lồ be dismounted before the utility begins a scanIf the C: drive sầu is in use, type Y khổng lồ run a scan at your PC’s next restart. If so, exit Comm& Prompt và restart the computer.

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Step 6: Disable or uninstall anti-virut.

Cheông xã your antivirus manufacturer’s trang web for additional suggestions or Disable the antivi khuẩn software. And Disable the firewall in router. If you found outlook is working fine after disable the antivirus software, highly recommended lớn uninstall the same using their removal tool and reinstall it.

Follow below link khổng lồ disable, uninstall or reinstall antivi khuẩn software from your computer

List of manual antivirut uninstallers:

Cliông chồng the links associated with the antivirus software currently installed on your system & follow the prompts or instructions on the trang web. Once uninstallation is complete, you will need khổng lồ restart your computer.

How lớn avoid this error “Unable lớn login Windows 10 stuông xã on preparing Windows Screen?”

Windows 10 stuông chồng on preparing Windows Screen error occurs mainly when you have many items on Windows start-up, User trương mục corrupted, anti-virus corrupted. Suggest you to enable only required services in start-up and remove sầu unwanted services, as Windows may take time to lớn load them. Optimize your computer lớn work faster & smoother. Do not install several anti-virut applications. As they conflict, each other create issues in your computer. Make sure your antivirut software is up to lớn data and working fine.

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Hope this guide helped you khổng lồ resolve sầu “Unable to login Windows 10 stuck on preparing Windows Screen?. For further tư vấn, leave your comments or ask more on Forum.

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