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Accessing databases in Node.js and TypeScript can feel brittle and painful. removes the pain with an auto-generated và type-safe query builder that's tailored to your data! Try it out!



The problem: Working with databases is difficult

The existing landscape of database access libraries ranges from sending raw Squốc lộ strings khổng lồ higher-màn chơi abstractions lượt thích SQL query builders và ORMs. Each of these approaches come with their own problems và pitfalls.

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Overall, there's a laông xã of best practices for application developers who work with databases in Node.js & TypeScript.

The jungle of existing tools & lack of best practices have two main consequences:

Developers aren't productive because the existing tools don't fit their needsDevelopers aren't confident that they're doing the "right thing"

The solution: makes databases easy is an open source database toolkit. It replaces traditional ORMs và makes database access easy with an auto-generated và type-safe query builder for Node.js và TypeScript. currently supports PostgreSQL, MySQLSQLite databases – with more planned. Please create new GitHub issues or subscribe khổng lồ existing ones (e.g. for MongoDB or DynamoDB) if you'd lượt thích to see support for specific databases.

After running the PReview & Beta versions of 2.0 for almost a year and gathering lots of helpful feedbaông chồng from our community, we are excited to launch Client for General Availability

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