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However, it is probable that these volumes are unrealistic in routine clinical practice with a mix of patient acuities.
It seems quite probable that at least some of these are increasing in frequency, though it is difficult khổng lồ be sure of this.
Finally, practical discussion on the teaching of specific spoken genres is reviewed and probable future directions are discussed.
It seems probable that neither of these species regularly utilizes the agricultural matrix but both can migrate through it when food limitations dictate.
We thus bởi not see, how a "probable diversity" of the subjects could be responsible for our results.
Unequal sampling efficiency for living và dead parasites is probable for recent infections (stage 4 and earlier).
Consequently, it is probable that the total income earned by super-hunter households from production activities is under-estimated.
But the results obtained here concerning the non-uniqueness and hysteresis indicate a probable mechanism for the sudden appearance & disappearance of strong localized atmospheric vortices.
That swarms of mosquitos (like other insects) are thus picked up, presumably by ascending air-currents, & deposited a long way off is extremely probable.
The probable type of receptor present was inferred based upon differential relative affinities of the drug for each of the receptor subtypes.
After entering available information, these aspects can be queried for in terms of the most probable combination of the uninstantiated variables.
These measures should be methodologically diverse và have at least face validity as possible or probable correlates of the dependent measure.

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If religion involved the actual apprehension of a supernatural reality, these observations would be less probable và religion would be more like science.
One of the reasons lớn associate probabilities with grammars is to lớn retrieve the most probable analyses that can generate a given input đầu vào sentence.
It is probable that their influences on domestic group decisions grew increasingly weaker in some places, but not in others.
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