1a : lớn supply or make available (something wanted or needed) provided new uniforms for the bvà also : afford curtains provide privacy

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1 : lớn make preparation to meet a need provide for entertainment especially : to lớn supply something for sustenance or tư vấn provides for the poor
2 : to lớn make a proviso or stipulation the Constitution … provides for an elected two-chamber legislature — Current Biography

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The Web site provides information about local activities. The curtains on the windows provide privacy. The school provided new uniforms for the bvà. The goal is lớn provide health care to as many people as possible. Coffee & doughnuts will be provided at the meeting. The Web site provides users with information about local activities. The school provided the bvà with new uniforms. The store provides its customers with excellent service. Workers were provided with gloves for protection. The contract provides that certain deadlines will be met.

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Recent Examples on the Web This year, the teams are playing for the Thurgood Marshall College Fund và the United Negro College Fund, which both provide scholarship funding khổng lồ students from Historically Blaông xã Colleges và Universities (HBCUs). — Maria Morava And Scottie Andrew, CNN, "Here"s how to lớn watch the 2021 NBA All-Star game," 7 Mar. 2021 Matthew McConaughey is working to lớn provide relief to his fellow Texans in the aftermath of last week"s devastating winter storm. — Meghan Overdeep, Southern Living, "Matthew McConaughey Planning Virtual Benefit to lớn Help Texas Victims of Deadly Winter Storm," 22 Feb. 2021 The city of San Diego purchased two Residence Inn hotels late last year to help provide affordable housing to lớn homeless people across the community. — Jeff Mcdonald, San Diego Union-Tribune, "San Diego pays top dollar & near-top dollar for hotels lớn house the homeless," 21 Feb. 2021 The national organization"s chapter that serves central & south Texas is looking for donations lớn provide cots, blankets, food, water & hygiene items to đôi mươi warming centers. — Kaanita Iyer, USA TODAY, "How you can help Texans during the historic winter storm, power outages và freezing temps," đôi mươi Feb. 2021 There’s been some legislation passed khổng lồ provide aid to venues. — Matt Wake | Mwake, al, "Is Huntsville’s 2021 concert outlook any better than 2020?," 19 Feb. 2021 Nissan & several other EV makers are developing similar systems that could help provide energy both lớn individual homes, even the entire grid, during blackouts và brownouts. — Paul A. Eisenstein, NBC News, "Some Texans power up through storm with help from their Ford pickup, Tesla," 19 Feb. 2021 What started as a way to lớn provide cabs to lớn testing sites quickly pivoted lớn a more comprehensive and inclusive initiative—once Mizz June realized that her client base was more concerned with issues like anti-trans violence & poverty than with COVID. — Patrice Peông xã,, "These 7 Blaông chồng Women Are the Unsung Heroes of the COVID Pandemic," 19 Feb. 2021 The lawyers also accused Eulizier và other officers of failing to provide timely medical attention to lớn Cruz after he was shot. — Dave sầu Collins, Star Tribune, "Dad of Connecticut teen killed by police sues officer, town," 19 Feb. 2021

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History và Etymology for provide

Middle English, from Latin providēre, literally, lớn see ahead, from pro- forward + vidēre to lớn see — more at pro-, wit

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