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The PlayStation Vita is an excellent portable console with amazing potential; modding or ‘jailbreaking’ serves only khổng lồ help realize its potential as a versatile device with a huge library of games from the original PSX and PSPhường, as well as its own selection of nibịt titles that can only be found on the PS Vita. The current ‘jailbreak’ for the PS Vita is HENkaku by TheOfficialFlow; once installed, you’ll be able khổng lồ enable the installation of homebrew applications and plugins which will grant you additional features và customisation options. HENkaku itself will install the “HENkaku Settings” thực đơn which has a few neat features on its own:
PSN Spoofing – Allows you khổng lồ access the PSN Store regardless of firmwareEnable Unsafe Homebrew – Allows you lớn install homebrew apps from third party developers for extra customisationEnable Version Spoofing – Allows your PS Vita to lớn mimic any firmware version for accessing PSNSpoofed Version – Select the firmware you want to mimic Button Behavior – Toggle between  = Cancel or  = Confirm, i.e. Japanese consolesUnliên kết Memory Card – Quick method to unlinks the memory thẻ, useful for bypassing the “format memory card” promptReload taiHEN config.txt – Reloads config file for plugin changes to lớn take effect
The HENkaku exploit was originally released for firmware 3.60 but has since been ported khổng lồ newer firmwares. Every PS Vita can be hacked with the appropriate exploit method. Below is a small menu of PS Vita hacking methods và the firmware they require:FirmwareExploit Method
3.60HENkaku Web Exploit
3.65 – 3.68h-encore
3.69 – 3.73h-encore²
3.60 is still considered the ‘golden firmware’ due khổng lồ having the highest compatibility with homebrew. và also having access to permanent custom firmware with the Ensō haông xã. Without Ensō, HENkaku will need to be reinstalled after every reboot. Even if your PS Vita is 3.65+, you can easily downgrade your firmware after modding your console with the Modoru homebrew app. If your firmware is below 3.60, Block Updates via DNS to lớn safely update to lớn 3.60 over wi-fi or use Qcma khổng lồ offline update khổng lồ the firmware of your choice



Adrenaline by TheOfficialFlow is a homebrew application that unlocks the built in PSPhường. emulator (ePSP) on the PlayStation Vita. This ứng dụng essentially turns your Vita inkhổng lồ a PSP that is compatible with nearly all PSPhường & PSX games as well as PSPhường homebrew. Adrenaline is a great addition to lớn any hacked PS Vita và is one of the main reasons to justify hacking a PS Vita.

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Emulation via RetroArch


Currently the PS Vita is considered to be the best handheld in terms of emulation capabilities, completely blowing the 3DS out of the water and holds an advantage over the Nintenbởi Switch due to a more developed homebrew scene. In addition to lớn playing PSPhường và PSX games at full speed, the PS Vita can easily run a variety of games for Super Nintenvày, Sega Genesis, trò chơi Boy Advance and more through RetroArch as well as some homebrew standalone emulators.

PC (Steam) Remote Play

The PS Vita can stream gameplay from your PC using the Moonlight application. Moonlight is a project to lớn port the Nvidia GameStream technology lớn various devices such as iOS, Android and ChromeOS. The PS Vita version works especially well, allowing you lớn play PC games on your PS Vita with very little cài đặt involved. The PS Vita will function as a controller for your PC whilst displaying the gameplay on the screen, meaning you can play many PC games (and emulators!) on the PS Vita that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. (Image is Moonlight streaming Scott Pilgryên vs The World: The trò chơi running on RPCS3, courtesy of u/Sanjay–jurt from Reddit)

Create & Play Backups


Most likely the number one reason why people jailbreak and haông chồng their consoles, to lớn create and play backup games. Dumping your game cards is a very straightforward procedure on the PS Vita thanks to lớn the NoNpDrm plugin which creates license files for any game card that is launched while the plugin is active. This mean that backup games can be downloaded, shared và played on any homebrew enabled PS Vita as long as they have the NoNpDrm plugin installed. The ref00d plugin is also invaluable in that it lets you play games that have sầu higher firmware requirements, meaning that you can stay on the 3.60 firmware và still have sầu access lớn the entire PS Vita library. The PKGj homebrew application allows you to lớn download PS Vita, PSP.. & PSX content directly khổng lồ your Vita without the need for a PC.

MicroSD Compatibility


You can exp& the PS Vita storage options with a MicroSD thẻ using the SD2Vita adaptor with the StorageMgr plugin. The SD2Vita is placed in the game card slot. This means you wont be forced khổng lồ rely on the expensive proprietary memory cards; a 128GB MicroSD cost approximately half as much a 16GB Sony Memory Card. This is perfect if you plan khổng lồ install many games onlớn your PS Vita.

Vita Homebrew Applications


In addition khổng lồ those already mentioned, the PS Vita has a large homebrew library that is constantly growing. The majority of these applications can be found in the Vita Homebrew Browser, a repository for homebrew apps that uses the Rinnegatamante’s VitaDB as a source. You can also found a multitude of homebrew games and ports such as Doom và Quake.


In addition to lớn homebrew application, hacking your PS Vita will also give sầu you access lớn powerful plugins. Autoplugin is a collection of plugins that can easily be installed to your PS Vita without a PC, the application is regularly updated with new and useful plugins.In contrast khổng lồ homebrew apps; plugins run passively in the background, allowing you lớn make tweaks to your PS Vita that wouldn’t normally be possible such as disabling the rear touchscreen panel, enabling PS3 phần tư controller support for games, cheat engines, Vita to lớn PC streaming & much more.

You can tải về backup games using PKGj or NoPayStation. You will need the NoNpDrm & ref00d plugins lớn play downloaded games on any firmware.

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There is no reason to update your firmware after installing HENkaku. Bloông xã Updates via DNS khổng lồ safely update to 3.60 over wi-fi or use Qcma to lớn offline update if you absolutely must.

Can I get banned for hacking my PS Vita?

There have never been any reported bans for PS Vita consoles running HENkaku.

Is custom firmware safe for my Vita?

It is very difficult to lớn brick your PS Vita if you follow instructions carefully, keep your PS Vita charged when making any major changes.

Can I downgrade my PS Vita firmware?

You can download your firmware using Modoru 2.0 if you have custom firmware installed already.

Can I log inlớn PSN và go online with custom firmware?

You can go online with CFW, enable PSN spoofing and spoof your firmware version in the -> thực đơn.

Follow this table lớn know which method to use lớn hachồng your PS Vita according to your firmware. Bloông xã Updates via DNS and update over Wi-Fi if your firmware is below 3.60. Every firmware version can be hacked with an appropriate exploit.

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