Hacked PS4s Can Now Play a Ton of PS2 Games Hackers have finally found a way to lớn make the PS4 capable of playing almost 500 PS2 games, but there are still many games that are unplayable.

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When the PS4 first launched, one of the major complaints fans had with it was its laông chồng of backwards compatibility. This was glaringly obvious when compared khổng lồ the PS3, which was even capable of playing old PS1 games. Naturally, there are those that have sầu tried lớn find their own solution to lớn the problem.

Since its release, hackers have sầu been working on the PS4 in an attempt khổng lồ add backwards compatibility khổng lồ the system. Although simply enabling the PS4 to run PS2 discs is still quite a long ways away, they were able lớn make the PS4 run emulated PS2 games in the same way it runs PS Classics.

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As a disclaimer, it"s worth saying that it is not recommended to haông chồng, unloông xã, or jailbreak a PS4. Although it can clearly allow for more control over the system, it also compromises the safety và integrity of the console & can cause a lot of problems for users that aren"t well versed in its inner workings.

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The emulator currently only works on the PS4 version 4.05 firmware, và since that firmware has since been updated, this won"t work on most PS4s anymore. There is currently no way lớn downgrade khổng lồ previous firmwares, so only older PS4s which haven"t been updated past this point can make use of the emulator. There are other limitations as well, as a PS4 at that firmware will be incapable of playing some of the more recent PS4 games which rely on newer firmwares, making the whole thing something of a gamble.

There is also an ethical side khổng lồ this conundrum, as the hacking & unlocking of a PS4 not only allows players lớn emulate old PS2 games, but also would enable the piracy of PS4 games. Sony has gone to lớn great lengths to ensure that its software & the software of its business partners remains secure, but once a PS4 is unlocked there isn"t much it can vì chưng. Pirating games hurts the entire industry, và there are also a lot of other limitations to lớn the PS2 games available on the new PS4 emulator such as graphics và audio bugs.

Still, it is pretty amazing what hackers can manage khổng lồ vị, và they will no doubt continue lớn work on the PS4, expanding the library of PS2 games it can emulate, even after the PS5 releases this holiday season. Thankfully, the PS5 will be backwards compatible with PS4 games, so these kinds of extreme measures won"t be as necessary in that regard.

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