Player Unknown"s Battleground or PUBG, an online multiplayer battle game, has quickly grown in popularity almost to lớn the cấp độ of other online games showcasing modern warfare such as Fortnite. PUBG was released exclusively by Player Unknown"s Battleground Corporation as an online game for mobile devices in 2018.

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According khổng lồ the report of Techno Info Plus, players voted the online game as the most popular on the Google Play Store, receiving more than 100 million downloads. Although it"s being played by many people, some players still don"t find it accessible on sản phẩm điện thoại given their device"s small screens.

Techno Info Plus has said that the challenging mechanics become comparatively less with the help of a PC--which can help players enjoy the game better through a larger screen & better controls. It was reported that one of the developers of the game, "Tencent Games," has released an emulator that will now allow users to play PUBG Mobile on their personal computers.

They developed an emulator named the "Tencent Gaming Buddy" which was also redesigned to lớn support more mobile games, including Call Of Duty mobile. The emulator was approved by PUBG, making it official for players khổng lồ use.

How to lớn install "Tencent Gaming Buddy" & play PUBG điện thoại on your PC

According khổng lồ the report posted on the Techno Info Plus website, the Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator has several additional perks aside from providing players a 60-frames-per-second resolution on their PC screen. It also gives users the option lớn switch their screen resolution between HD, Full HD & even Ultra HD depending on their system"s display.

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(Photo : Screen Post on Unsplash)How To Install "Tencent Gaming Buddy" And Play PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại Like A Pro On PC!

The emulator"s controls are comparable khổng lồ other current PC shooting or action games. Since players can now enjoy PUBG on their PCs, they"ll have sầu the chance lớn enjoy the game on a much wider screen lớn enhance their playing experience.

The installation package does not exceed 9 MB & can be downloaded on the "Game Loop" trang web. Users might still encounter problems & experience some lag since the PC version of the game is still in its Beta stage. However, the developers created a "cross-play" feature for PUBG so that players who use their PC and Smartphone device can still connect with each other.

Players can tải về the PUBG"s official emulator with these easy steps: Once the players are in, they should select the language version they prefer. After choosing, they need to cliông chồng "Download Option" located at the bottom.

Once the download is finished, they need khổng lồ open the installed tệp tin & follow the instructions provided. Once the steps are properly completed, they can now open the emulator and look for PUBG thiết bị di động in the tìm kiếm bar. And then they can begin enjoying their favorite game with a different playing experience.

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