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khổng lồ repeat the main points of something that has been discussed earlier at the kết thúc of a meeting or talk:
To recap, most people seem lớn agree that data collected by the government relating khổng lồ environmental issues should be made available khổng lồ the public.
a brief description of the main points of something that has been discussed that someone gives at the kết thúc of a meeting or talk:
The opening for the finale is redone completely, using scenes from the previous 25 episodes lớn make a music video recapping the series.
She had often said that she couldn"t believe in the rainbow but friends & family recapped later that she was too busy living it.
The book recaps và expounds on some episodes, explains how the show is produced, & details why some proposed episodes were turned down.
Each week the show would feature soap recaps và preview, news, competitions plus each week an exclusive sầu interview with a top soap star or stars.
Overspray is a quarterly magazine showcasing known and unknown artists, review on books & films, fictional writing, và sự kiện recaps.

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After recapping the episode he said that he took his comments bachồng, explaining that the episode did have laughs.
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