How to root samsung galaxy j7 pro without pc & via magisk

Rooting is a process that allows you to access total control over the operating system thus allowing you lớn install other software that under normal circumstances the manufacturer wouldn’t allow you to lớn access.

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Rooting has a wide range of advantages as follows:

1. Installation of custom ROMs which optimizes battery life & improves performance

2. Installation of Incompatible apps allowing you to lớn even get the latest android updates before the manufacturer releases them

3. Making full device backups, display options và more internal storage

4. CPU clocking which basically means you can increase or decrease the processor speed

5. Access to lớn root files that allows you to vì whatever you want khổng lồ bởi with your phone

6. Ad blocking which could also be a disadvantage if the revenue of the developer’s app drops if too many people bloông chồng their Ads

Disadvantages of Rooting Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

1. May break your phone typically making it unusable

2. Ruins your phone warranty thus device makers cannot cover any damage caused after you root you device

3. System updates may not occur normally unlike unrooted phones where updates install và work well

4. High vulnerability to viruses and malware which could render the device useless

5. Poor performance which could be as a result of improper rooting

Methods of Rooting Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro





v.One cliông xã root

vi.Towel root





1.How khổng lồ Root Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro using Framaroot

a) Download the lakiểm tra version of Framaroot apk

b) Go lớn Menu>>Settings>>Security on your phone và enable Unknown Sources



c) Install Framaroot

d) Run Framaroot và select Install SuperSu from the dropdown menu



e) Select either Sam, Frovì chưng or Aragorn according tothe one that works on your device

f) The app will begin lớn root your device

g) Reboot your device after it’s been rooted

2.How khổng lồ Root Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro using Kingoroot

a) Download the lachạy thử version of kingoroot

b) Make sure you have enabled installations fromunknown sources in the settings

c) Install the Kingoroot android  và launch it

d) Plug your device to lớn your computer using your USB cable


e) Enable USB debugging on your device


f) Cliông chồng root to root your device

g) After rooting is finished make sure SuperSu is visible thus showing successful rooting

3.How to root Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro using Kingroot

a) Download và install kingroot apk on your device

b) You should be able to lớn see the kingroot application in the launcher thực đơn after installation

c) Launch the kingroot application

d) Tap on the start root button lớn begin the root process

e) A green tichồng should be visible to signify successful rooting of your device



f) Restart your app android device after rooting is completed

4.How to lớn root Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro using Baidu root

a) Download baidu Root on you PC

b) You will be required to decompress the tệp tin and then move sầu the BaiduRoot app android lớn your android device

c) Make sure you have sầu enabled Unknown sources in the security settings


d) A license agreement will be shown. Tiông chồng on the right side to lớn agree

e) Tap on the root button found in the middle of the screen to start rooting


f) Wait for Baidu khổng lồ show that you have successfully rooted your device

5.How lớn root Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro using one clichồng root

a) Download one clichồng root

b) Connect your android device to a computer using a USB cable

c) Enable USB debugging on your device

d) Run One cliông xã root & the let software run`

6.How to lớn root Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro using Towel root

a) Download the lakiểm tra version of towel root

b) Run the towel root android file

c) Cliông chồng install


d) Clichồng on make it rain và start the rooting process

e) Your device will automatically reboot after the rooting process to lớn signify successful rooting


7.How khổng lồ root Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro using Iroot

a) Download và install iRoot in your computer

b) xuất hiện the iRoot application


c) After launching, connect your apk device to thecomputer

d) After launching, connect your game android device to the computer

e)  iRoot will automatically detect your smartphone

f) Click on the root button khổng lồ begin the rooting process

g) iRoot will automatically reboot your device & install the SuperSu App


h) The SuperSu application should be visible to lớn show successful rooting

8.How root Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro using iSkysoft root

a) Download the iskysoft toolbox


b) Install the iskysoft Toolbox & launch it thenselect root

c) Connect your game android device to lớn a computer và allow usb debugging. iskysoft toolbox will detect your device & find a proper package lớn root it


d) Cliông xã on root now top confirm the rooting process

9.How lớn root Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro using rootgenius

a) Make sure you have enabled usb debugging on your device in the settings>>developers option

b) Download root genius and install it in your computer

c) mở cửa root genius then connect your android device khổng lồ the computer

d) Root genius will automatically detect your device

e) Tiông xã I accept khổng lồ root it


f) Root genius will the root your device 

10.How to root Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro using magisk

a) Download the magisk zip file and copy it to lớn your device

b) Connect your device to lớn a computer sing a USB cable and enable transfer MTP


c) Copy the magisk zip file to lớn your internal storage

d) Boot your android device into lớn TWRPhường recovery modeusing the appropriate key combination

e) Tap on install in the TWRPhường mainscreen


f) Go through your phone’s storage and select magisk installer zip filen where the tệp tin will be added khổng lồ the TWRP

g) Swipe the button in the bottom of the screen khổng lồ flash the device


h) When flashing is complete, tap in reboot system 

How khổng lồ Unroot Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

Just lượt thích rooting you should unroot your phone whenever you visit customer service office to lớn repair your điện thoại thông minh or installing operating system updates on your điện thoại thông minh.

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Using Supersu App

Download the SuperSu App

mở cửa Application and then go khổng lồ settings page, scroll down & tap on FULL UNROOT.

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