Unleash the full potential of your Redngươi 4X by gaining root access on it. This tutorial will guide you on rooting Redngươi 4X Santoniby flashing SuperSU through TWRPhường Recovery. Moreover, this article will also cover necessary steps khổng lồ install TWRP.. Cofface build inlớn your phone.

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Although rooting might sound very geeky but this guide is intended for novice users who want to easily unleash the beast inside their Santoni phone. Redmi 4X is one of Xiaomày Android-powered phones that sports Qualcomm MSM8940 Snaprồng 435 with Octa-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A53 processors and Adreno 505 GPU. It is the real giảm giá for its price.

Tahnks to Sepneela, a super moderator of MIUI community, for sharing a TWRP.. installer tool making the complicated process simpler. Despite the simplithành phố of the flashing process, users who want lớn make use of this tool must still obtain official bootloader unlock status from MIUI website. Without further a vì, let’s get started.

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You should create backup of all important files và data of your phone. The process is basically safe but creating backup for precaution step is always a good practice.Do not proceed if the phone’s battery under một nửa.Prepare a USB Data cable to lớn connect your phone into your computer.One more thing, you also need a computer / máy tính (Windows-based) – obviously.

Please proceed with caution. We hold no responsibility of what is going lớn happen and all of its risks. Again, proceed responsibly. By following this article we assume that you knew what you are doing (what is root, why should I root, what risks of rooting, etc.).

Stage 1 – Flashing TWRPhường Recovery

At this first stage you will install TWRP custom recovery inkhổng lồ your phone. This is needed since TWRP. is the most compatible custom recovery for Redmi 4X & it is very capable khổng lồ flash SuperSU.

Step 1 – Extract the TWRPhường Installer .zip tệp tin that you have downloaded inlớn your computer. WinRAR or WinZIP. will come in handy. You will get several files as following:


Step 2 – Now turn off your phone completely. Once it is off, press và hold Power button và Volume Down (-) button at the same time lớn boot inkhổng lồ fastboot mode. Release once you have sầu seen the Fastboot biệu tượng công ty.


Step 3 – Now connect your phone (which is still in fastboot mode) inkhổng lồ your computer.

Step 4 – Now double-clichồng the twrp-installer to lớn launch the installer tool. Alternatively, you can also right-cliông xã on it và choose “Run as Administrator”.


Step 5 – The installer will fire up và it displays a message which is a clear instruction. All you have sầu to bởi now is pressing any key on your keyboard lớn continue the process.


Step 6 – The flashing process will take place very shortly & will complete in less than a minute. Once succeed, you will see something lượt thích this.

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Step 7 – Finally, again, press any key on your keyboard to reboot your phone inlớn recovery mode.


Step 8 – Select Reboot và reboot your phone inkhổng lồ system.


Stage 2 – Flashing SuperSU

At this stage you will flash SuperSU and gain root access.

Step 1 – Transfer the downloaded SuperSU .zip file into the internal storage of your phone.

Step 2 – Now disconnect your phone from computer & its USB cable.

Step 3 – Turn off your phone completely. Now reboot into recovery mode to lớn reveal TWRP interface. When it’s off, press và hold the nguồn button & the Volume Up (+) button at the same time.

Step 4 – Once you have sầu seen TWRP interface, choose Install.


Step 5 – Now locate the copied SuperSU .zip tệp tin earlier. Tap on it to select it.

Step 6 – Do the “Swipe lớn confirm flash” action.


Step 7 – Upon successful flashing, you will see the message at the top of the screen.


Step 8 – Now reboot your phone again inkhổng lồ system.

Congratulation, your Redmi 4X Santoni is now fully rooted. You can double-check its root status by installing Root Checker tiện ích from Play Store. Enjoy..

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