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Hack Information:Hackbar: Press 1 Money (1000-100000)

trò chơi InformationThe popular Shop Empire game sequel. With more booths, new facilities, a fun new parking system for cars và trains.

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Moby dichồng 2

348718 plays

Cheats: Hackbar: Press <1> Toggle health - <2> Toggle hunger - <3> T...

Hacked By: selectLOL




Blast the Mooks - Level Pack

23637 plays

Cheats: Hackbar: Press <1> Bombs - <2> Win level

Hacked By: selectLOL

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i trapped all the customers at the top floors destroying all elevators and escalator the leading lớn the ground floor. Placing drug stores with no electricity everywhere and the only single comfort room at the highest floor. then fired all staff

it makes me happy knowing this trang web is still up and running, this game was one that I loved playing so much years ago. crazy how time flies, it"s fun to lớn play this game again it gives me so much nostalgia. thanks for the memories 3

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