Once you will jailbreak your iPhone, iPad tablet, or iPod device a Cydia tiện ích will be installed. The package manager allows you khổng lồ tải về apps, tweaks, và libraries from different sources. We provide for you a list of the best Cydia Repos 2020 for the light & dark side of the Force.

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Cydia ứng dụng is installed by default by many jailbreak tools including unc0ver. It offers all the necessary features lớn install apps on jailbroken devices. The app is packed with few sources from where you can tải về packages. There is, of course, an option to add your own repositories to lớn extkết thúc the software danh mục.

Cydia Sources

A lot of developers from the jailbreak community are creating their own repositories for Cydia ứng dụng allowing users to lớn install packages on iOS devices. There are sources with không tính phí apps và tweaks, paid solutions, & hacked apps, etc. We nói qua our ultimate các mục of 34 ultimate Cydia Repos and Cydia Sources.

How lớn add sources lớn Cydia

I think you are already know how khổng lồ add new Cydia sources lớn Cydia ứng dụng. If not, then no worries we will take you through this process. It is really easy to vày, and I will guide you on how khổng lồ add repositories to your Cydia sources correctly. There is a huge collection of useful Cydia tweaks available.

Add new repo/source khổng lồ Cydia app

Step 1. Open Cydia and switch to Sources Tab.

Step 2. Tap on Edit button located in the right corner fo the phầm mềm.

Step 3. Tap on Add button that will be displayed in the left corner.

Step 4. Enter the URL & tap Add Source.

Step 5. Cydia will update all repositories.

If Cydia did not find repository there can be two reasons for it. First, you provided the wrong link as the APT Cydia URL, or there is a chance that the repository is temporarily offline. We provide for you repositories links for Cydia, and on click, you will add automatically the new repo khổng lồ Cydia Sources.

Best Cydia Repos / Sources

What are Best Cydia Repos 2020?

1. Bigtrùm cuối Repository:

BigBoss repo is the oldest repository for jailbreak community used by default by Cydia phầm mềm on jailbroken devices. You can find here themes, tweaks, apps, libraries, for the newest & oldest iOS jailbreaks. There are a couple of thousands of packages available for download.

Repo URL: (click on links to add khổng lồ Cydia automatically)

2. ZodTTD & MacCiti (Archive) Repository:

ZodTTD & MacCiti was baông chồng in the days a must-have sầu source for Cydia with all tweaks, apps, themes, for your iPhone. If you are using a modern device, you will probably don"t use any of the packages available in this repo. Remove it lớn tốc độ up Cydia.

Repo URL:

3. Bingner/Elucubratus Repository:

All the magic behind the jailbroken device is possible thx to libraries installed from this source. Bingner/Elucubratus is installed by mặc định from Cydia & it comes with command-line tools working as a backkết thúc for most of the apps. This is a great source of tools for developers.

Repo link:

4. MidnightChips Repository:

MidnightChips is the official repository for SnapBaông xã ứng dụng & few tweaks allowing you to enable iPhone X gestures on older devices, get rid of Syri, create iOS respring animation from any GIF animation, or remove sầu iOS tab bar labels. All packages are available for không tính tiền.

Repo link:

5. PixelOmer"s Repository:

This is a small repository with few tweaks for iOS devices. One of the most interesting utilities created by PixelOmer is Sileo Installer for unc0ver jailbroken devices.

Repo link:

6. ModMyi (Archive) Repository:

ModMyi is an archive sầu of old Cydia sources where you can find homebrew games, themes, apps, tweaks, fonts, and other packages used by jailbreak users since the first jailbroken iOS system. Today you can use this repository if you are still using old Apple devices.

Repo link:

7. nullpixel"s Repository:

If you are using a jailbroken device it is always a good idea to lớn baông xã up your device blobs. From nullpx repo, you can install the newest version of TSS Saver allowing you to lớn save blobs with one cliông chồng. There are couple more tweaks available for tải về.

Repo link:

8. Evelyn"s Collection Repository:

If you are jailbreaking your device to use awesome widgets on Lockscreen or Homescreen this is a great source with over 200 widgets for XenHTML engine. Install also additional fonts khổng lồ your system.

Repo link:

9. ConorTheDev Repository:

ConorTheDev is a new jailbreak developer providing miễn phí tweaks enhancing iOS features. Is this Cydia Source you can find không tính phí Modernnguồn tweak, Chrono (that adds seconds to Cloông xã app), or Dragspring (drag down to respring from Settings app).

Repo link:

10. SparkDev Repository:

SparkDev is a talented iOS developer offering in his repository SnowBoard Applications, and over 30 useful jailbreak tweaks including CCMusicArtwork, FreshWall, Hyperion, Melior, Myriad, Vesta, etc.

Repo link:

11. dgh0st Repository:

Collection of different tweaks for iOS.

Repo link:

12. UnlimApps Repository:

UnlimApps offers access lớn ++ tweaks for apps available in AppStore. Add new features to lớn FB++, IG++, SC++, WA++, TK++, và more.

Repo link:

13. Tela Repository:

This is a great repository with console emulators for iOS. Install apps lượt thích PPSSPPhường, Provenance, iNDS, or GBA4iOS & forget about certificate revokes.

Repo link:

14. Karen"s Repository:

In this repository for Cydia ứng dụng, you will find some interesting jailbreak tweaks lượt thích PreferenceOrganizer, MobileTerminal, or AirSpeakers. All available for không tính tiền download.

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Repo link:

15. xtm3x Repository:

xtm3x the developer behind Zebra Package Manager. This is the source from where you can download always the newest version of Cydia alternative sầu phầm mềm.

Repo link:

16. Samg is a ninja Repository:

Samg is a ninja is involved in a lot of project including jailbreak tools. From his repo, you can download some tweaks including Sileo Compatibility layer.

Repo link:

17. Packix Repository:

Packix is one of the most popular Cydia sources offering a collection of great và useful packages like Barmoji, BetterCCXI, Boxy 3, CallRecorder, và more. The repo offers không tính phí và commercial tweaks.

Repo link:

18. rko1195 Repository:

Contains a large collection of widgets và themes for popular engines.

Repo link:

19. Nepeta Repository:

Nepeta is a female developer creating awesome không tính tiền apps & tweaks for the jailbreak community. Download from this repo tweaks like UnSub or Relocate.

Repo link: or

đôi mươi. Julioverne Repository:

Julioverne creates great tweaks for older iOS devices including iOS 10 & 11. One of his tweaks LowerInstall allows you khổng lồ tải về apps on not supported devices.

Repo link:

21. c1d3r Repository:

From this source, you can install tweaks created by talented iOS developer such as PullOver Pro (multitask on iOS), ChargeAnimations (animations when charging your iPhone).

Repo link:

22. Dynastic Repository:

Dynastic Repo is one of the best places to lớn tải về the best tweaks for iOS 12. Buy and install tweaks lượt thích JellyFish, HomeList, Asteroid, LockDochồng, ShortLook, and more.

Repo link:

23. iDevice Hacked Repository:

The official Cydia Repo for iDevice Hacked offers useful tweaks & themes for iOS devices. There are no illegal cracks or hacks available via this repo.

Repo link:

24. Limneos Repository:

Limneos Development is creating professional paid iOS tweaks and applications since 2010. This library includes AutoAnswer X, AquaBoard X, CallBar XS, VoiceChanger X, Answering Machine X, Audio Recorder XS, & BioProtect XS tweak.

Repo link:

25. eXqusic"s Repository:

A small Cydia Source with simple tweaks for jailbroken devices. One of the most popular tools created by eXqusic is AnimationsBeFast tweak to tốc độ up iOS animations.

Repo link:

26. Chariz Repository:

Chariz is one of the best repositories for Cydia offering a lot of tweaks và apps for iOS devices. You can find here free apps lượt thích NewTerm 2, or paid once lượt thích nControl tweak.

Repo link:

27. TDMD Repository:

An interesting source of widgets and themes for Lockscreen.

Repo link:

28. XenPublic Repository:

This is the official repository for Xen HTML and Xen Lockscreen packages. If you are using widgets on iOS lockscreen and homescreen you should use always the newest version of this tweak.

Repo link: http://xenpublic.incenvì chư

29. ichitaso"s Repository:

From this repository, you can download useful tweaks lượt thích YouTubePatcher to disable ads, QuickWiFi to switch connected networks, QuickCC to expkết thúc iOS Control Center, disable swipe gestures, & more. All tweaks are available for không tính tiền.

Repo link:

30. gilesgc Repository:

All packages available from gilesgc repository are available for không lấy phí. Find here some useful tweaks lớn customize the YouTube đoạn Clip progress bar, EasyBrightness lớn mix a default brightness, or CCCalc adding calculator khổng lồ iOS Control Center.

Repo link:

31. Ryley"s Repository:

Ryley Cydia Source is a great place khổng lồ find patches lớn bypass jailbreak detection on iOS devices. Download không lấy phí tweaks from this source including Liberty, Liberty Lite, MultiPatch, RDR2Patch, SpectrePatch, & Switch Patch.

Repo link:

32. Classicxii Repository:

From Classicxii Cydia Source you can tải về beautiful widgets for apps like LockHTML, XenHTML, & GroovyLochồng. Add date & time widgets khổng lồ your home screen for không lấy phí. Each widget offers an option to lớn view screenshots from the mô tả tìm kiếm.

Repo link:

33. Baw Repo Repository:

Baw Repo contains useful Cydia tweaks mostly for iOS 12 and iOS 13. You can discover here jailbreak detection bypass tweaks, unlochồng Gboard haptic settings on iPhone 6s, useful loông xã screen tweaks, change carrier name, & much more.

Repo link:

34. Twickd Repository:

Twickd is a new repo for Cydia offering access lớn không tính phí and paid tweaks created by the jailbreak community. The platsize offers an easy option khổng lồ but commercial tweaks using a PayPal tài khoản. It"s required khổng lồ register first to access all tweaks.

Repo link:

35. A kiiimo Repository:

Repo created by kiiimo is one of the most updated sources where you can find tons of hacked packages including game hacks and cheats, ++ apps hacks, ad removal tweaks, và cracked jailbreak packages. Everything is updated regularly in this cracked repo for iOS 13.

Repo URL:

36. AppCake Repository:

From AppCake Repo you can download và install AppCake tiện ích, và AppSync Unified tweak allowing to install unsigned, fake-signed, or ad-hoc signed IPA packages on iPhone, ipad, & iPod.

Repo URL:

37. HackYouriPhone Repository:

HackYouriPhone is a very popular Cydia source with cracked packages allowing you to lớn install paid apps, themes, and tweaks for free. The repository is updated regularly with new packages.

Repo URL:

38. ReJail Repository:

ReJail is a huge Russian Cydia source with premium apps and tweaks available for free. Most of the cracked versions of apps are available in the Russian language. You can switch to lớn English using Filza & removing the additional ru language from /Library/PreferenceBundles/.

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