Efficient Sticky Notes Pro is an effective, powerful & simple sticky notes software program for Windows XPhường that can help you create và organize post notes và reminders on your desktop. It"s not quite as light as air, but it is far more environmentally và aesthetically friendly than covering the edge of your monitor with paper notes.

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Classify InformationCompetitive sầu PriceEasy to InstallConcise and Easy to UseMultiple Interface StylesEasy to lớn SearchFree Edition AvailablePortable Edition Available

Lakiểm tra Version: 5.60 Build 559Price: $19.95Requirements: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, Android, iOSLanguages:English, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Bulgarian, Polish, Armenian, Italian, Spanish, French, Danish, Finnish, Ukrainian, Russian, Dutch, Arabic, Japanese, Indonesian, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Farmê mẩn, Norwegian, Tnhì, Slovenian, Hungarian, German, Turkish, Czech, Korean, Greek, Simplified Chinese, Croatian


Efficient Sticky Notes Free

Efficient Sticky Notes is an award-winning và versatile không lấy phí desktop notes software package that helps you jot down, manage và organize information và create reminders. Read More...

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Efficient Notes $29.95

Efficient Notes is designed to improve your productivity. It combines the best and most important features that you could want in a note taking organizer. Read More...

EfficientPIM $39.95

Store và categorize your contacts, birthdays, tasks, to-bởi lists, notes, diaries, passwords and appointments. Read More...

EfficientPIMEfficient NotesEfficient Sticky Notes Pro
Password Keeper & Password Generator
Related contacts support
Built-in editors similar lớn MS Word for writing notes
Adding attachments
Setting priority for information items
Backup & Restore
Desktop Sticky Notes
Card view support
Sounds Good?EfficientPIMEfficient NotesEfficient Sticky Notes Pro
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"Just khổng lồ let you know that I find the EfficientPIM program great, thank youAlso as a suggestions:1) make a portable version for the Barnes và Nobel (Android) Nook2) add the tương tác menu lớn the calendar display as another window, that way a user can easily see their tasks, appointments & contacts..Again thank you for a great sản phẩm."

- Bruce Miller, December 2012

"... I need a liên hệ card for each trang web I maintain, và I need lớn keep notes for each website. I vày a lot of writing, so I need khổng lồ keep notes on blog articles and tutorials I"m developing. Those of you who are webmasters and bloggers understvà there"s a ton of important info that we need lớn be able to lớn find, easily! ... I"m very excited about this new feature. NOTE: I"ve been using PIM for several years now and I"m still completely happy with it. ..."