Suspense Là Gì

causing a feeling of excitement or nervousness because you are waiting for something lớn happen or are uncertain about what is going to happen:

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Suspenseful discussions developed between those "mavericks" applying neural networks in their retìm kiếm on brain functions và neurophysiologists.
The very experience of suspenseful uncertainty proves that there is more than one credible ending khổng lồ the narrative sầu, more than one potentially plausible solution to the mystery.
While many action games feature lone protagonists versus swarms of enemies in a suspenseful environment, survival horror games are distinct from otherwise horror-themed action games.
At the beginning, the series was mostly comedic in mood but in the latter episodes it became increasingly dramatic, adventurous and suspenseful.
The majority of episodes end with a suspenseful twist or cliffhanger, revealed just seconds before the ending.
The struggle lớn build trust and produce a successful first liên hệ is, he thought, as exciting and suspenseful as one could wish for.
The books are suspenseful, well-plotted, atmospheric, and enriched by humor & axinh tươi characterization as well as personal experience.
But as a suspenseful drama of captivity & escape, the movie is a carefully paced, persuasively acted thriller.

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The plot is said khổng lồ be startling, suspenseful và creepy, but also contains a captivating plot filled with humor.
None of these ten songs is even remotely suspenseful; conflicts and concerns are neatly wrapped up within four minutes.
The second season"s revamped format makes the show"s break-ins seem more realistic, surprising, và suspenseful.
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