Block strike apk

If you like shooting games like the popular and incomparable Strike combat game or you are thrilled with the virtual world of Minecraft & its capabilities – we offer Block Strike.

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Bloông xã Strike – a game created by the type of Strike (here are all the fighting moments) and Minecraft (the presence of the same graphics). Block Strike – a game of survival from the first person.

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Imagine you are a hired agent of special forces & your task will destroy the enemy like the way. The enemy is terrorists who are trying khổng lồ harm humanity. Your task is to lớn stop them at anyway. For this you can use any weapon, in Block Strike – that’s enough. As in any shooting game you can choose weapons of different types và calibers. It’s all in the cabít. If you want lớn improve sầu your weapons or choose a new world for a “journey” – you need khổng lồ have sầu a game currency, but fortunately, there is a simplified method.

Mod lots of money for Blochồng Strike

Mod is a lot of money – it’s not just another, optional gian lận. This is the hacked APK game of Bloông chồng Strike. With this file, you have sầu the opportunity to improve your weapon while spending a penny. With this mod “a lot of money” you will not only be able to lớn tăng cấp your weapons, you will also explore new worlds & take part in large-scale battles. In general, with this gian lận, the circle of your possibilities will significantly expvà.

Download gian lận Block Strike

Possibilities hack “a lot of money”:

Explore new worldsModernization of weaponsImproved player equipmentChoice of military professions: scout, medic, xạ thủ, stormtrooperOpen access lớn a large number of modes
Download game Block Strike


Here you can không lấy phí tải về APK thủ thuật a lot of money for the game Block Strike. This file extends the player’s capabilities và actions. The current version of the game 6.3.2

Bloông chồng Strike Unlimited Money 1.4.0 (30MB)

Mod Root_Block_Strike_v2.6.0 (42,18 Mb)

Installing the gian lận version 2.6.0 (Requires root):

Go lớn phone settings -> security -> enable checking for unknown sourcesDisable confirmation of the .android signature with Lucky PatcherInstall the PlayStore version (optional)Use your favorite file manager to download & install APK
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