NameExtreme Car Driving Simulator
PublisherAxesInMotion Racing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
Get it onGoogle Play

Extreme Car Driving Simulator is a racing game for you to participate in endless races. Owning a series of expensive supercars, are you ready to burn the streets with unlimited tốc độ yet? The realistic driving simulation for players to observe from any angle. The technical drift phase makes people in traffic startled for you. Extreme Car Driving Simulator MOD lets you clearly feel the engine roar through each throttle kick. You like the elegant style or a svào sport style. Vehicle system with a variety of numbers for you to choose according khổng lồ your favorite style. Combined with excellent driving skills you will become attractive sầu tốc độ lãng mạn.

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1 Download Extreme Car Driving Simulator MOD – Free racing your way

Using advanced motor vehicle models, downloading Extreme Car Driving Simulator hachồng game you will have sầu no limit on the money. Buy any car you lượt thích and drive it in-game modes. Of course, besides money, you need lớn meet some other factors khổng lồ unlock all cars. The game is the crazy style in your own way, unlượt thích Beach Buggy Racing you need fierce competition lớn win the top spot. If you like driving on Mokhổng lồ, Racing Fever: Mokhổng lồ gives you the feeling of adventure with many two-wheel supercars.


Download Extreme Car Driving Simulator MOD – Free racing your way

Extreme Car Driving Simulator brings the diversity right in how to lớn control the car you have sầu up khổng lồ 3 options. Button, Whell, or Gyro these are the controls you want for your oto. In addition, the tốc độ is also divided inlớn two types Km / h và MPH, the option you want is interesting. Those are just a few small items in this game, it’s worth mentioning the game mode & vehicle system. Driving is not limited, there is no police appearance so you can easily mess up the street. Collide with any vehicle, or crash inlớn everything along the way. Without any rules, this whole big thành phố is yours. Extreme Car Driving Simulator lets you show off your skills khổng lồ everyone.

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New game mode

3 game modes for you, Solo Mode, Checkpoints, & Traffic Mode. That’s what you can experience in the current driving modes. Collecting light poles, signs, other cars, you will cause the car lớn be distorted or even damaged. But Extreme Car Driving Simulator allows players to lớn repair while playing easily. You can switch from being on a highway to a mountain road immediately. Even letting the car go underwater doesn’t need to lớn worry about getting hit. There are also some extra features like turning on the light, observation mode, …


Car collection

A strange point in this game is that you cannot know the name of the vehicle. All you can see is a 360-degree rotation through Pholớn Mode. Observe sầu the oto & decide whether or not lớn unloông xã it. Extreme Car Driving Simulator unlimited money support players can soon complete the vehicle collection in the Garage easier. You still need lớn try to lớn qualify the rest because money here is not the determinant of everything.

Customizing car

The 4 things you can change in a car are the color, the skins, the rim, & the color of the ryên. Unexpectedly, there are no items such as engine, speed here. Your vehicle can only be customized with exterior elements. Perhaps the laông chồng of speed limits technical upgrades. Extreme Car Driving Simulator cheats gives you many advantages to lớn focus on driving.


Extreme Car Driving Simulator with advanced technologies in cars such as ABS, ESP.. TC, HUD let you sit in the cockpit like no other on super cars. Screen, steering wheel synchronized with each steering angle, you gradually learn the control skills well enough. The world is open to lớn frequent accidents, it’s none other than yourself who caused it. Download Extreme Car Driving MOD choose the oto you want & take it lớn the throttle curve sầu as soon as possible.

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