Tải Game Gardenscapes Hack

When you get tired, download & play Gardenscapes MOD APK lớn grow plants and decorate your own garden. With Unlimited Stars, the decoration of your garden is endless.

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Overview information

NamePackagePublisherCategoryVersionSizeMOD FeaturesRequires
Playrix Games
Unlimited Stars
Android 4.2

Introducing Gardenscapes

When people feel tired, they often want khổng lồ be in harmony with nature. Everyone is the same. Outbaông xã lands, farmhouses, và lush green gardens are always the first places people think of when they face the pressure of life và want to lớn get rid of them. Everyone wants lớn take care of the plants themselves, & enjoy the fresh air.

And me too. When it comes to lớn pressure, I vày not have the ability to lớn go far, so I usually choose for myself khổng lồ care for a virtual garden through di động games. These games help me relax & love life, help me eliminate the fatigue of myself. There are games that are born lớn be famous (maybe a few weeks, maybe a few months), there are games born to lớn survive sầu. Popular games often make us rethành viên, but we often choose durable games for individual needs. Here, when it comes khổng lồ gardening games, Gardenscapes (MOD Unlimited Coins) is such a persistent và vigorous game.

I’ve been playing this game for quite a while, recently I was a bit stuông chồng in the subject and emotionally, sitting open the game to lớn reduce a headađậy so the old feelings rushed, now dare lớn sit typing.

Begining story

Help Austin clean his house.

Where you live sầu is a large thành phố, crowded streets and traffic never seem to lớn stop. You start dreaming of planting trees in a large space outside your narrow window. And until one day, you receive a letter from Mr. Austin, the housekeeper of your uncle’s family …

He has been abroad for quite a long time, và his trang chính in the countryside has a vast garden that has long been unoccupied. Knowing you love gardening, your uncle asked the Austin housekeeper lớn skết thúc you invitations to take care of his garden. So you take care of it. But he also went a long time, nobody toàn thân care garden so it should be ruined, perhaps you will have sầu to do from scratch again. But vì chưng not worry, Mr. Austin will helping you.

Combined gardening & match-3 gameplay

Beat match-3 levels

If you have sầu been playing Homescape – another Playrix Games hàng hóa, you will be familiar with the gameplay of this game. Transformed inlớn a boy who has a passion for farming and gardening, it is your job lớn solve the match-3 puzzles to collect coins and stars. Coins và stars are tools for you to restore and re-decorate the garden, and also are the two most important units you need to lớn achieve through completing missions.

Restore and decorate different areas in the garden

The game is designed in the size of a story every day, you will have different tasks lớn improve & develop the garden. When you first arrive sầu, the garden is ruined, you will have to lớn clean và place the bench so that everyone can sit and relax. Then, plant more trees and decorate the garden more eye-catching.

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Cute graphics

And enjoy the company of amusing in-game characters, including Austin, your butler, and a funny dog

Playrix Games always adhere khổng lồ its own kiến thiết rule, which is to lớn make things so dễ thương và true, & Gardenscapes is no exception. The game is designed on a 3D platsize, providing high realism in each image. In addition, the game makes every detail is đáng yêu và bright, suitable for relaxation.

You may notice small butterflies hovering around the flowers or the little dog’s activity in the garden, and Austin’s housekeeper’s gesture is also very real và funny.

A long game

With more than 200 challenging scenes, Gardenscapes is really long to play all this. In addition, new game modes are also updated through the updates, ensuring that Gardenscapes is always fresh and durable.

If there is anything that needs to lớn be discussed about this game, then probably the most expensive items in the game is worth mentioning. Personally, I find it very unprofitable to price a phối, for example, a mix of 3 shovels cost 1,900 coins, whereas, for 5 extra moves, you thất bại 900 coins. On the other h&, you only earn 50 to lớn 70 cents for each level. That is, you will have lớn pass 12 new levels of play khổng lồ get 5 extra moves at the over of a level.

MOD APK version of Gardenscapes

MOD Feature

If you find the game difficult enough & want it to lớn be easier then please download & use the MOD version. The MOD version will give you unlimited stars in the game so you can comfortably decorate the garden.

Specifically, you can use stars to rebuild your mansion, even if the number of stars is negative sầu.

Download Gardenscapes MOD APK (Unlimited Stars)

Basically, I feel hard khổng lồ make money, but this also helps players to save more than what you have. And it also makes the game more attractive when players always have to lớn pursue a target. I personally value Gardenscapes 9 / 10 for overall (both gameplay, story, và graphics).

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