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Swamp Attaông xã 2
Hyper Dot Studtiện ích ios Limited
Unlimited Money
December 9, 20trăng tròn (4 months ago)

The once-popular Swamp Attack game is baông xã with part 2 of the series. Swamp Attachồng revolves around the story of a scowling guy with a big belly but loves country music – Redneông xã is trying to protect his house from ferocious swamp monsters. The game plot is straightforward. There is not much khổng lồ mention because, with a successful game, the gameplay is the critical factor.

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Great war marsh

Taking the famous defense of Plants vs. zombies senior, the Swamp attaông chồng 2 takes players inlớn a tough battle between Rednechồng and ferocious mutant beasts. However, in contrast to Plants vs. Zombies’ tactical gameplay, Swamp Attack makes the player have sầu to lớn act more.

Indeed, you vì chưng not need lớn worry about building a reliable stronghold. Players need to lớn clichồng on the screen’s enemies lớn fire the correct shotguns and wait for the ammunition to lớn be fully loaded, preparing for those the next attaông chồng. It sounds simple, but the enemy’s story is exceptionally crowded, và limited ammunition also makes the player frantic.


Enter the zombies. However, this time, they are zombie reptiles and insects – all sorts of swamp wildlife seem lớn have gone crazy. They came in hordes, slowly advancing, but lethal. Their gazes are fixed và reflect nothing but the apparent hunger for blood. At some point, our guy has to lớn confront the UFO, which must be responsible for zombifying the animals in the first place.

To reduce the difficulty, the game provides you with handy auxiliary items such as explosives or gas bombs, etc. These weapons cause extensive damage that will help players breathe easier in front of the class of enemies coming.

The zombie wildlife comes in great variety – alligators, huge turtles, raccoons, armed rats, giant venom-spitting mosquitoes, UFOs, & big ugly slobbery bosses with lipstick-painted lips. Even though they approach at a steady slow pace, the guy needs time khổng lồ shoot and reload his shotgun, so at some point, the ghastly reptiles get lớn hyên. Luckily, the developers made it look like the monsters chew at the porch steps while, in fact, they are chewing the guy’s feet. Why would his energy bar sink at the same time, otherwise?


The more he kills the creatures, the more rewards he gets, and the more golden coins he collects. Rewards come in great variety – dynamite, Molotov cocktail, potions, và other boosters that can make an excellent swamp barbecue of alligator steak.

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The gameplay is overly enjoyable & quite addictive, yet challenging. Only the first few levels are a piece of cake, so you’ll have lớn load the guy with ammo và defensive sầu structures after the introduction.

Of course, đá quí cuts diamond, và Swamp Attaông xã 2 offers a wide range of weapons from shotguns, uzi guns, six-barrel machine guns khổng lồ atomic bombs. These weapons will be unlocked gradually during the game with the money you earn. Besides, players can also tăng cấp their ammo base as well as firepower at the store. Similarly, you can also earn more money by participating in the quiông chồng mission (Quichồng Mission) scattered in the game.

Levels system


There are four episodes with 78 levels in total. At the kết thúc of each episode, the guy has to lớn confront a trùm. There are a few instances of UFO attacks across each episode. Those are different because the flying saucers take away all his additional ammo, leaving hyên with nothing but his shotgun. He has to lớn take down the saucers to lớn recover some of his power-ups, fighting off the raccoons và rats at the same time.

The Shop offers several departments for weapons, defense, explosives, and perk packs, such as double coins or reviving potions. It is possible lớn play without paying (IAPs come a bit on the expensive sầu side), provided you are ok with a bit of grinding. Luckily, you can go baông xã to lớn any màn chơi or play a quick mission khổng lồ earn some coins.

Controls system


The controls are simple – you just tap on the monsters, & your guy shoots them down. The shotgun has its peculiarities, though, và you can’t just keep on tapping lượt thích crazy – give hyên ổn time to lớn reload. UZI does quick rounds, but it’s less powerful, and the ammo runs out quickly. You will tap the gift boxes, coins, rubber ducklings for power-ups; applying a power-up requires you drag it on the critters.

Overall, Swamp Attaông xã 2 is a thoroughly enjoyable time-killer with a peculiar American charm, if there is such a thing.

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