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Game titleGenreRatingDownloads
God Of War - Ghost Of SpartaAction, Adventure4,11,038,7681.1GB
Naruto Shippuden - Ultimate Ninja ImpactAction, Fighting4,1719,226905.0MB
Tekken 6Action, Fighting4,1625,581729.9MB
Dragon Ball Z - Shin Budokai 2Action, Fighting3,9614,640540.6MB
Grand Theft Aulớn - Vice City StoriesAction, Adventure4,1597,690866.4MB
Dragon Ball Z - Shin BudokaiAction, Fighting4,1566,942197.7MB
Assassin"s Creed - Bloodlineskích hoạt, Adventure4,0457,418518.5MB
Dragon Ball Z - Tenkaichi Tag TeamAction, Fighting3,9447,1991.1GB
God Of War - Chains Of OlympusAction, Adventure4,2437,2411.1GB
Grvà Theft Auto lớn - Liberty City StoriesAction, Adventure4,0370,781554.6MB
Need For Speed - Most Wanted 5-1-0Racing, Simulation3,7367,865174.5MB
WWE SmackDown Vs. RAW 2011Sports4,0354,2521.2GB
Ben 10 - Protector Of EarthAction, Beat Em Up3,5327,618568.6MB
Narukhổng lồ Shippuden - Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3Action, Fighting4,1324,9311.1GB
Spider-Man 3kích hoạt, Adventure3,9298,3221.3GB
Ben 10 - Ultimate Alien - Cosmic DestructionAction3,7292,980709.3MB
Monster Hunter Freedom Unitekích hoạt, Role Playing4,4249,156763.4MB
Pro Evolution Soccer 2014Sports, Simulation3,5217,5970.9GB
Ben 10 - Alien Force - Vilgax AttacksAction3,4216,335800.8MB
Bleach - Heat The Soul 7Action, Fighting4,1169,053405.2MB

What’s A PSP. ROM?

It’s a data file that includes a copy of the read-only memory ROM chip from a đoạn phim game cartridge. This term is widely used in the remit of game emulation when retro games are copied to ROM files and can easily be run on modern devices using an emulating program.

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ROMs are normally copied using a special device that is known as dumping. The most popular devices are the Retrode & Doctor V64.

Using ROM files or PSP.. ISOs, you can now play your favorite Playstation Portable games on your computer at any moment. However, creating ROM files is not always easy. Many game-manufacturing companies incorporate some options inlớn new games that prevent copying because all these measures influence the sales of their games & unfortunately, not for the better.

Go Baông chồng to lớn History

Being a popular handheld game console that was manufactured by Sony Computer Entertainment, PlayStation Portable was regarded the most power-packed portable gaming station. Moreover, almost immediately after the release date, it became the main rival khổng lồ Nintenvì consoles. This is the only gaming device that uses an optical disc format as the main storage medium.

The release of this device was a major accomplishment on the market of gaming consoles. More than 80 million units were sold during its lifetime.

What Are The Most Famous Playstation Portable Games?

Besides top-notch graphics, gorgeous sound effects, và bright design, the console also came with a few accessories such as headphones with a remote commander, a case, & an external battery paông chồng. Its weight was only 260 gr so it didn’t occupy much place in bags. Moreover, those who had this device can guarantee that the gameplay was always engaging and brilliant.

More than 1000 PSPhường games saw the world together with the Playstation Portable. You can play the best PSPhường game titles too, but first, let’s have a look at the danh mục of the most legendary items:

Kingdom Hearts;

Pro Evolution Soccer;

Grand Theft Auto;

Mortal Kombat;

Need for Speed;

Monster Hunter;

God of War;

Gods Eater Burst;

Burnout Legends.

All in all, you can find tons of PSP ROMs today. Just pichồng the one you like most of all and dive into an incredible world of adventures at any moment. A high cấp độ of graphics và fascinating gameplay are guaranteed.

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What Playstation Portable Emulator Should I Use?

The majority of retro gaming devices went out of date. This means that the company doesn’t produce them anymore. However, this doesn’t mean that you can forget about some classic games that you played as a kid. All of them still exist & you can start playing right now. But you need a special emulating program suitable for your operating system. Modern emulators make things much easier. Remember that you need lớn tải về PSP.. ROMs và a good emulator that is compatible with your operating system. Here’s a comprehensive các mục of the most reliable emulators that you can tải về right away from this trang web for free:








All these emulators allow you lớn open PSPhường emulator games on absolutely any device. You won’t buy a new console today. Old gaming stations cost a pretty penny, but thanks khổng lồ modern technologies like emulators, players from all over the globe can easily open classic games on any device in a matter of seconds.

What Should You Know About Compatibility or What Platforms Support PSPhường. ROMs?

As we have sầu already mentioned, the choice of emulators is huge today. Some of them are offered for free whereas others are paid versions. It is up lớn you lớn decide which one to use, but you need to consider one issue - not all emulators are compatible with all operating systems. Some of them are superb tools for your PC whereas others run on Mobile devices only. Before the emulator and PSP.. games download, you have sầu to lớn double-kiểm tra this issue & see whether this particular program can open the required PSPhường ISO file on your device. Let’s have sầu a look at this question in a bit more detail.

Emulators that tư vấn iOS-based devices

Below, you can find a comprehensive list of trusted emulating programs for iOS:





Emulators for Android

Android-based tablets or smartphones are extremely popular today. Therefore, the selection of suitable emulating programs is good:







Emulators for Windows

If you want khổng lồ switch your attention from work and play your favorite games for a few minutes, these emulators might come in handy:




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Emulators for Linux

The below-listed emulators will definitely provide you with the seamless gaming experience on your device. Choose what game titles you desire khổng lồ play and install one of these emulators:




Overall, PSP games still exist. This means that you can access them at any moment. However, you have to find & install suitable software that will allow you lớn open all đoạn Clip games on your device. By the way, you can find a broad selection of game titles and emulating programs on this website!

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