Short Speech On Environmental Pollution In English

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We all want lớn live in a healthy environment, yet most of us make compromises to lớn enjoy the benefits of modern society. And some forms of pollution we have sầu more control over than others. How much influence should citizens have over the chất lượng of the environment they live sầu in? How much pollution is ok in our air, water & homes? When are environmental regulations helpful or harmful for individuals, businesses, và communities? Is keeping our environment cleaner good or bad for the economy? What is the government’s role in protecting the environment? Does the government look out for the interests of people or business? And when are those interests the same and when are they different?

Background Information:Interested in having further conversations? Additional guides you may be interested in include Climate Change, Energy and the Environment, & Communitarianism & Conservationism.

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These will mix the tone of our conversation; participants may volunteer lớn take turns reading them aloud. (Clichồng here for the full conversation agreements.)

Be curious & listen to understvà.Show respect and suspend judgment. cảnh báo any comtháng ground as well as any differences.

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 Be authentic and welcome that from others. Be purposeful and to the point. Own and guide the conversation. 

Optional: a participant can keep trachồng of time & gently let people know when their time has elapsed.

What are your hopes và concerns for your family, community and/or the country?What would your best friend say about who you are?What sense of purpose / mission / duty guides you in your life?
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