What is thruplay in facebook ads, and how does it work?

Facebook is also launching an In-Stream Reserve sầu feature that allows advertisers to purchase Nielsen-verified ad placements in advance.


Facebook is launching new options for brands khổng lồ have more control over their Clip ad campaigns with the release of ThruPlay video clip ads & In-Stream Reserve sầu và In-Stream Reserve Category options for marketers. With ThruPlay video ads, advertisers will only be charged for ads viewed to lớn completion. The In-Stream Reserve options will allow advertisers to purchase ad placements in advance within videos displayed only lớn Nielsen-certified audiences.

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Why marketers should care

Facebook launched new advertising options on Thursday that will give sầu brands more control over their video ad campaigns. With the newly introduced ThruPlay video clip ads, advertisers will be able khổng lồ optimize & pay only for ads viewed khổng lồ completion, or, at least, the first 15-seconds of the ad. (Facebook in-stream video clip ad units run-time is 15-seconds.)

The ThruPlay đoạn phim ads will be available via Facebook Ads Manager for insertion in videos on Facebook, Instagram & Facebook’s Audience Network. Facebook says it will be rolling out lớn all global advertisers in the coming weeks.

Facebook is also introducing In-Stream Reserve sầu & In-Stream Reserve sầu Categories for Clip ad campaigns, an option lớn buy video ad placements in advance that run in videos delivered to in-target audiences verified by Nielsen. The In-Stream Reserve Categories give brands the same options as the In-Stream Reserve sầu, but also khổng lồ select “content packages” so that Clip ads appear in content-specific categories, such as sports, fashion/beauty & entertainment videos.

While this option helps brands target audiences via premium nội dung — it also offers an added màn chơi of brand-safety, ensuring Clip ads will only be placed in videos delivered to lớn Nielsen-verified audiences.

“In-Stream Reserve sầu is a great option for premium online video và TV buyers, especially for campaigns aimed at younger, harder-to-reach demographics và light TV viewers,” writes Facebook on its business blog.

The senior VPhường of marketing for Nationwide Insurance, a brvà given early access to lớn the In-Stream Reserve sầu ads, reported they were pleased with the results & would continue lớn explore the new ad option lớn reach their target audiences.

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“As Nationwide’s truyền thông phối has evolved to account for new mobile consumption habits, it’s become increasingly important lớn ensure our in-stream ads run against premium content on thiết bị di động platforms lượt thích Facebook,” says Jennifer MacKenzie, Nationwide’s senior VPhường. of sale.

The In-Stream Reserve sầu options are currently only available to lớn select brands targeting US audiences.

More on Facebook đoạn Clip advertising

In-stream đoạn Clip ads on Facebook are delivered within News Feed videos và videos on Watch, with both pre-roll and mid-roll ad placements.Facebook reports more than 70 percent of in-stream Clip ads are viewed lớn completion, và most, with the sound turned on.

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