Witcher 3: 10 Facts You Didn't Know About Triss Triss Merigold serves as something of a character foil to lớn Yennifer, & here are a few things you may have known about the sultry sorceress.

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Ever since CD Projekt RED acquired the Clip game adaptation license to The Witcher novels, the stunning redhead Triss Merigold has always fought the icy brunette Yennefer for the spotlight, or, a special place in Geralt"s heart, to be exact. It was an odd narrative sầu choice on CD Projekt RED"s part, since, canonically, Yennefer was Geralt"s one true pair in the books.

Still, Triss made for a competitive love sầu interest lớn Geralternative text and a refreshing change of pace compared to lớn Yennefer"s manhandling. In fact, several polls from the Triss vs. Yennefer bạn club have sầu been initiated with more players seemingly favoring Triss. Hence, it"s only fair to lớn reveal some lesser-known facts about her (they"re not all good). So, read on about these, then maybe cast your vote again.

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We did mention that Yennefer was the one & only for Geralternative text, right? At least, that"s how Andrej Sapkowski (the books" author) envisioned it. In the novels và short stories, Triss didn"t even get the same cấp độ of exposure và priority as Yennefer. She was mostly a side character there; one of Geralt"s friends.

As such, it"s safe khổng lồ say it didn"t cross Sapkowski"s mind for Triss to replace Yennefer, as she did in the video clip games. It just so happens that certain circumstances forced Yennefer to lớn disappear at the over of the last book, then CD Projekt RED wanted a follow-up lớn the saga instead of just a digital retelling and Triss was the closest thing khổng lồ a Yennefer.

9 She Was Envious Of Yennefer

While Triss wasn"t meant khổng lồ be with Geralt, she still wanted a piece of that grey beefcake. The books even portrayed her as infatuated with Geralt and her obsession was arguably more sexual than lãng mạn in the books, depending on how you interpret it as a reader.

As a result, Triss was often envious of what Yennefer had with Geralternative text. It"s not just any witcher hunk she wants but Geralternative text himself; otherwise, she could have just gotten together with Geralt"s other witcher colleagues lượt thích Eskel or Lambert. In the books, Triss never really got the chance to lớn have a blossoming relationship with Geralternative text, which is why her romance with hlặng in the games can give off a fanfiction feel.

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Now, Triss being a really jealous & obsessed sorceress can be quite a harmful thing for her friends, particularly for Geralternative text. In the books, she even tried lớn seduce Geralternative text through magic. She pretty much goes behind Yennefer"s back lớn steal Geralt, and even Yennefer knew this at one point and harshly confronted her about it.

Meanwhile, in the games, Triss was morally corrupt và can only be summed up as a snake in the grass for Yennefer. The first chance she gets at stealing Geralternative text without any opposition (due to his amnesia & Yennefer"s disappearance), she takes it right away. Basically, Triss lies to Geralternative text so she can have hyên ổn all for herself. It"s a lot more complicated than that, of course, since Triss also loved Geralt, apparently.

7 Selfish Tendencies

Now that you"re aware of Triss" most heinous betrayals và misdeeds, let"s top it off with one last bad chất lượng she possesses. Triss (at least in the books) also happens lớn have a sociopathic & selfish side especially when intense emotions are involved. This happened near the end of the book saga where a peasant mob was slaughtering all nonhumans in their path.

Triss grew scared of the commotion and wanted lớn flee right away despite having friends in the fray (including Geralt). She would have sầu left and preserved only herself if not for Yennefer, who urged her to lớn stay so they could help their friends and the innocents. This did show that when push comes lớn shove sầu, Yennefer might actually be the more reliable one.

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Now, here come the positive sầu qualities of Triss Merigold. Despite her being a bad friend và her maltreatment of Geralternative text, Triss is still a powerful, loyal, brilliant, and wise sorceress. She was also the adviser lớn King Folthử nghiệm of Temeria, &, prior to lớn that, she participated in the legendary Battle of Sodden Hill during the first war with Nilfgaard where 22 sorcerers and sorceresses joined the against them.

Triss was one of the 14 who heroically held their ground against a horde of Nilfgaardian soldiers & supposedly perished while doing so. Hence, she was designated as the "Fourteenth of the Hill" and came down in history as Merigold the Fearless. Alas, Triss actually survived the battle, but with a nasty scar. Regardless, it cemented her status as a war anh hùng.

5 She Preserved Ciri"s Humanity

Despite betraying Ciri"s surrogate mother và father, Yennefer and Geralternative text, Triss is not devoid of a caring side. She does look after her friends (Geralternative text, mostly) and even became cđại bại to lớn Ciri. She also took care of her, lending her magical expertise khổng lồ help Ciri overcome the Trial of Grasses for witcher mutations.

It"s the final stage of the initiation rites for witchers and could have easily stripped away Ciri"s human nature, just as it did with Geralt"s emotions; that"s because the chemicals used in the trial subjects the would-be witcher to extreme hormonal changes. Triss was luckily nearby khổng lồ prsự kiện this from happening lớn Ciri. This resulted in Ciri being a one-of-a-kind witcher that somehow managed khổng lồ retain her humanity.

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All those negative sầu traits Triss had probably come as shocking lớn those who aren"t familiar with the books but really, the rest of Triss" colleagues in the Lodge of Sorceresses make her look lượt thích an innocent & lovely girl. They (including Yennefer) are a bunch of scheming, manipulating, and heartless witches who seek khổng lồ have sầu their own kingdom, even if it meant having to resort to regicide or other malevolent means.

Triss, on the other hvà, provided a contrasting facade to lớn the rest of her kind. She was lively, sweet, and radiantly pretty, as opposed khổng lồ the wintery elegance of older sorceresses. It did help that she was one of the youngest sorceresses in the Lodge & probably didn"t need too much shapeshifting for a nhái beautiful appearance.

3 Potion Allergy

Despite her young age for a sorceress, Triss was still a great magic-user and can easily turn the tide of battle. This was made more apparent in her ability khổng lồ cast the most enveloping of spells. Oddly enough, Triss is allergic lớn potions—even to the ones she brews. The irony is that Triss was also a skilled healer.

She regularly brews potions for use as a magical medic, but she can never really use them for herself. It is worth noting that Triss is only allergic to lớn magic potions, natural healing potions are safe for her lớn consume & use. It"s certainly a weird quirk lớn have for a magic-user.

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Triss" name (from Latin origins) translates khổng lồ either "happy" or "blessed," which does well khổng lồ reflect her personality. Triss" temperament contrasts well with Yennefer"s more straightforward và cold maturity, making her a perfect choice for a third buổi tiệc ngọt in a very complex love triangle involving magic, politics, war, & monsters.

Even Geralt"s other friends such as Dandelion (Jaskier in the books) regard Triss as a warm person—someone who can easily make others smile with her presence and demeanor. For a sorceress in the world of The Witcher, that"s quite a rare character.

1 She Made the Cover of Playboy

Not an hour into your gameplay of the first or second Witcher game, you"ll immediately be greeted with Triss" lavish display of skin. It seems CD Projekt RED went great lengths at making Triss generously sexier, especially when compared to lớn the third game. Hechồng, they even partnered up with Playboy magazine for Poland to lớn make Triss a cover girl. We have sầu lớn warn you though, it"s obviously NSFW.

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