Triumph Là Gì

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triumph /"traiəmf/ danh từ chiến thắng lớn, thắng lợi lớn; thành công lớn niềm vui chiến thắng, niềm vui thắng lợi, niềm hân hoangreat was his triumph on hearing...

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: nó rất hân hoan khi được tin...

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(sử học) lễ khải hoàn, lễ mừng chiến thắng nội động từ chiến thắng, giành thắng lợi lớnto triumph over the enemy: chiến thắng kẻ thù vui mừng, hân hoan, hoan hỉ (vì chiến thắng)




Từ điển Collocation

triumph noun

ADJ. great, major, remarkable, resounding | little, minor | final, ultimate | latest, new Hollywood"s favourite actor was modest about his latest triumph. | diplomatic, election, electoral, military, political | personal

VERB + TRIUMPH score The union scored a triumph in negotiating a minimum wage within the industry. | hail sth as, see sth as They hailed the signing of the agreement as a major diplomatic triumph.

PREP. in ~ The leading runner raised his arms in triumph. | ~ against their recent triumph against Brazil triumph against seemingly insuperable odds | ~ for The match was a personal triumph for Rivaldo. | ~ in their triumph in the general election | ~ over Her Wimbledon victory was hailed as a triumph over adversity.

PHRASES a moment of triumph, a sense of triumph

Từ điển WordNet


the exultation of victory


English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

triumphs|triumphed|triumphingsyn.: conquest success victory winningant.: defeat

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