Turn windows features on or off blank or empty

When I open this in control panel the menu is blank & never appears no matter how long I wait. Any suggestions? My copy of Windows 7 is legitimate. My company purchased a refurbished Dell máy vi tính for me. Its got a COA on the bottom of the máy tính xách tay & I installed the OS from the CD they provided me.



BSOD"D wrote:

Have you tried any trouble-shooting? - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/931712

Also try to run the following update, usually works as well.

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Run Windows6.0-KB947821-v4-x86.msu. Cliông xã OK khổng lồ install KB947821 update for Windows. You will see that it is as though trying lớn install an update but actually it is trying to fix any problems that it finds on the system in background using checksur.exe. This will take a while, so you can go & have sầu a cup of coffee.

Read more: http://www.raymond.cc/blog/fix-blank-or-empty-list-in-vista-turn-windows-features-on-or-off-optionalfeaturesexe/#ixzz2MbXymuyl

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BSOD'D Mar 4, 2013 at 20:trăng tròn UTC

Have sầu you tried any trouble-shooting? - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/931712

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Mar 4, 2013 at 20:22 UTC

http://tư vấn.microsoft.com/kb/931712

(Assuming you didn"t go on a service disabling spree, which causes this issue a lot)

Continue Reading:

If you know that you are logged on as an administrator or that you can supply the logon information for an trương mục that has administrative credentials, go directly to Method 1. If you need help determining whether your trương mục has administrative sầu credentials, follow these steps:Click Start, và then cliông xã Run.In the Open box, type timedate.cpl, và then press ENTER. The Date và Time dialog box opens.On the Date & Time tab, click Change date và time. If the User Account Control dialog box opens, cliông chồng Continue.One of two things will happen next. Choose either A or B to continue.


A: If you are prompted to type an administrator password, and you see administrator tài khoản names listed, you are logged on with a standard tài khoản. If A: is true, you are not the computer administrator. If you are logged on with a standard trương mục & you want to continue with this task, you must be able to lớn supply an administrator account name and password every time that you are prompted. Unfortunately, if you bởi not know the password for any administrator accounts on your computer, these methods cannot help you. You might want khổng lồ ask someone for help or contact tư vấn.

B: If you are not prompted to lớn type an administrator password, and you vày not see administrator tài khoản names listed, you are logged on with a computer administrator trương mục. Click Cancel, và then click Cancel again khổng lồ cthua thảm the Date và Time dialog box. If B: is true, you are the computer administrator, so let"s get started.

Xem thêm: Làm Một Task Với Geofencing Là Gì, Blog: “Geofencing” Là Gì


Method 1: Run the System File Checker (SFC.exe) tool with the sfc /scannow command

Although this method sounds highly technical, it is really a straightforward process that even the less experienced user can bởi. System File Checker merely makes sure that all system files are where they should be. The sfc /scannow comm& scans all protected system files và replaces incorrect versions with correct Microsoft versions.

This method is rated: Moderately easyEstimated time: 5-10 minutes

To run the System File Checker, complete these steps:Click Start, và then type cmd in the Start Search box.In the results area, right-cliông chồng cmd.exe cộ, & then click Run as administrator. You will be prompted to type the password for an administrator trương mục. Cliông chồng Continue if you are the administrator or type the administrator password. Then, cliông chồng Continue.At the commvà prompt, type Sfc /scannow, & then press ENTER.


Method 2: Perform a system restore

Performing a system restore returns system files and settings to lớn a previously non-corrupted state.

This method is rated: Moderately easyEstimated time: 5 lớn 10 minutes

To persize a system restore, complete the steps below for your operating system:

For Windows 7 UsersCliông chồng Start , type system restore in the Searchprograms và files box.Right-click System Restore, cliông chồng Run as administrator.In the System Restore dialog box, cliông chồng Next.Select a restore point in the danh mục that"s dated before you you started experiancing the issue & then cliông xã Next.On the Confirm your restore point window, cliông chồng Finish.

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