Based on the Reviews of Onmyoji Aremãng cầu. Today, we are going khổng lồ give you a reviews about a character on the game called Umibozu.

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trò chơi Preparation:


1. 8ft Magatama (Main Item can be swapped with any Assist item)
If you think that tư vấn doesn’t need to roam, then you are wrong! Support needs lớn roam, especially if you can crowd control in AOE. Because your crowd control might save sầu everybody toàn thân.
3. Sessho Seki Do  (Main Shielding item)
Hoko Do is the main armor for Ebisu. Because he is a melee support, he needs a lot of armor & magic resist items so that he won’t be killed easily. Hoko Do passive sầu is useful if you want khổng lồ run while using your skill 2 or ultimate that can knoông xã them down

For the next 5th or 6th items sets. You can always buy it depending on your opponent, if they had mage, then buy magic resist thắng lợi like Lavish Red Robe or Ninth Heaven Wing or if your opponent is mainly ninja samurai or marksman, then use Armor thành phầm again but this time with added attaông xã like Raja Warhammer, or  another Sessho Seki Do. Because it is one of the best +Armor game.


For Onmyobởi vì, i recommover you to full up the armor because he will be hit, like a thous& times during the game. So a paper thin umibozu won’t be useful for the team. The second one is attaông chồng damage for early game farming. It is because umibozu has a low damages, plus his item’s a +defense thành quả.

So taking Attack damage will help him in the early game. Soul ward is useful for his first skill, that can heal hlặng much more by so that he will be able khổng lồ take more hit. Umbrella shield for tanking purpose, and lastly protect to lớn help either you or your team mates.

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Skill Combination

For Umibozu, because he is a tư vấn type shikigami, i recommkết thúc you lớn take up this mix of skill: Skill 2 first, then skill 3, after that skill 1. Then divide them evenly and depending on your team condition, you might want to take / max skill 1 first for further tanking ability và take ultimate whenever you can.

Anyway, for Umibozu, a hitter is a must. So pair hyên ổn up with any marksman or ninja, not so much with samurai because samurai don’t really have sầu that much of fighting ability in early game. The ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá pair up is Marksman like chin, or Hakuro. Spam your second skill only if you can hit them. Each time you hit an enemy shikigami by using your abilities no matter what kind, a fish will spawn và by eating it. You will be able to lớn recover some of your health.

In early game, simply farm & watch the bản đồ. If you are ganked, use your skill 3 to lớn slow the enemies & skill 2 to lớn further knocking them up while your allies go back and retreat. It is okay for you lớn die because in the end. You are a support.

In the late game, your ultimate is will change the flow of the match. It is because your ultimate can disrupt any enemies channeling abilities, slowing them down, while your team marksman take the kill. Knocking the enemies and spamming your second skill can help lớn. Take Flash & Heal so that you won’t fall easily. Stick lớn your team marksman, & never let the enemies get cthua kém to lớn them.

Umibozu is one of my favorite shikigamày khổng lồ play, but if you are up with him then he can be very annoying. So, here you have it. Another guide done about Umibozu.

Who else do you want us to lớn reviews / make a guide? Comment in the link below. Thank you!

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