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This presents unprecedented opportunities for the companies that embrace these changes, & turn them to lớn their -- & our -- advantage.
The conviction of such a large number of suspects in a communal violence incident in the country is unprecedented.
This continued lớn be true even during the period of unprecedented economic growth between 1999 và 2008.
It was also the unprecedented luxury of knowing you could vày small things lượt thích register lớn vote without putting your life at risk.
Its operating system gives teachers and schools an unprecedented level of control over the devices in students" hands.
The new health care law could transsize the role of prevention by taking unprecedented national approaches lớn avert chronic disease or detect it early.
But when you understand the complicated bureaucracy twisted to review this unprecedented sản phẩm, you underst& that their assurances of safety aren"t very reassuring.
The court adopted an unprecedented, sweeping ruling, and the states have been trying khổng lồ moderate it ever since.

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This new, powerful tool enabled people lớn record, preserve và transmit highly complex ideas, allowing successive generations lớn start accumulating knowledge at an unprecedented rate.
An influx of thousands of techies is feeding an unprecedented economic boom -- và generating a whole lot of angst.
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