You can zoom in on a đoạn phim with đoạn Clip editing software like VideoStudio. Follow along with our tutorial below to lớn learn the easiest way to lớn zoom in on a đoạn Clip. If the framing in your video is not quite right, it is possible lớn correct it in post. It’s very comtháng to lớn push in on a Clip by adjusting the scale lớn get the perfect frame. You can even add some motion to this zoom in, lớn give sầu the illusion of a camera move sầu where there was not one before. VideoStudio makes it easy to reframe and zoom in on a video. Read the guide below and we’ll help you get started. There are three editing modes for Pan & Zoom. Here are your options:

Static: Maintains the zoom màn chơi that you set throughout the đoạn Clip. Animated: Lets you phối keyframes khổng lồ change the pan and zoom settings precisely. On the Fly: Lets you set pan and zoom changes interactively in the preview pane while the video plays.
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To phối a constant zoom level for a photo or video

Install VideoStudio

To install VideoStudio Clip editing software on your Windows PC, tải về và run the installation tệp tin above sầu. Continue following instructions on the screen khổng lồ complete the cài đặt process on your system.

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Pan and Zoom

In the Timeline, select a photo or Clip clip và click the Pan & Zoom button on the Timeline toolbar. The Pan và Zoom window opens.



Choose a preset

In the Preset Size drop-down, choose a preset (such as HD if you’re zooming in on a 4K video), or in the Original pane of the preview window, use the marquee khổng lồ mix the zoom area & position.


2. Pan and Zoom

For the next option, in the Timeline, select a đoạn Clip clip & click the Pan và Zoom button on the Timeline toolbar. The Pan và Zoom window opens.



4. Adjust the starting form size and position

In the Original pane (on the upper left side of the window), adjust the starting kích thước and position of the marquee. The result displays in the Previews pane on the right.

6. Key frames

As the video plays, reposition & rekích thước the marquee as you want. Keyframes are added automatically for each change you make.

7. Tune the results

Fine-tune the results using the keyframes và adjusting the settings.

8. Click OK

Cliông chồng OK lớn return to the Edit workspace.

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To apply a pan and zoom effect khổng lồ a photo or with keyframes

2. Select a video clip clip

In the Timeline, select a đoạn Clip clip and cliông chồng the Pan & Zoom button on the Timeline toolbar. The Pan và Zoom window opens.

4. Select the Start keyframe

Ensure that the Start keyframe (first keyframe) is selected in the effect timeline (appears as a red diamond). If the Start keyframe is not selected, cliông chồng it.

5. Set settings

In the Original pane, clichồng lớn set the position of the marquee. A red crosshair displays khổng lồ represent the currently selected keyframe. Use the controls khổng lồ mix the Zoom ratio & any other settings you want.

6. Clichồng the End keyframe

In the effect timeline, cliông xã the End keyframe (last key frame), & repeat step 4.

8. Add any additional key frames

Double-cliông chồng the timeline khổng lồ add any additional key frames, và repeat step 4.

9. Cliông chồng OK

Clichồng OK to apply the effect và return to lớn the main workspace. After you add effects và edit your video you can choose khổng lồ chia sẻ it online via your website, blog, gmail, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social truyền thông sites. Or you can save sầu it lớn your computer in popular file formats. Make sure that the form size of your video clip is correct for the program you are using on.

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VideoStudio does more than just zoom in on video

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