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It"s just a case of entering your own text or pictures, selecting the desired resolution and clicking "Create" button!


Once your đoạn Clip has been cooked you can go to lớn the "My Videos" area & see your completed video. Download it. Share it. Use it.

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Themes is bundled with tens of various themes you can choose from. Any of them are great for independent usage, as a greeting cards, as a home page video intro or identity for your internet đoạn phim channel or even business presentation. Just choose one you like!


It"s just a case of entering your own text or pictures, selecting the desired resolution và clicking "Create" button!


Once your Clip has been cooked you can go to the "My Videos" area và see your completed Clip. Download it. Share it. Use it.


By using you are using the same comlicated high-end technologies that are used in Hollywood movie production. But we simplified and integrated all of these comlicated software packages in one simple & attractive sầu web interface. No need khổng lồ learn tens of software packages and pay thousands of dollars to professional post-production studgame ios. All you need is here under your finger tips và by affordable price! So now you know that movies you made with is of professional Hollywood chất lượng. Compromises ? Not for you !


Quality videos can be produced in a several different resolutions. 270p videos are great lớn try our service. Web-friendly 360p videos load quickly and are ideal for embedding, sharing on social truyền thông media, or on a mobile device. 720p videos are great for TV, & 1080p high definition videos look stunning on any screen form size. Not sure ? Just piông chồng a unique và see yourself !



200 Credits


300 Credits


600 Credits


900 Credits

What is all these numbers about ? It"s pretty simple. For example:270P is a đoạn phim of 480 pixels wide & 270 pixels tall. This is where the big "P" letter came from. It means pixels. So 270P just means 270 pixels tall đoạn phim. Costs 200 Credits.360P is a Clip of 640 pixels wide và 360 pixels tall, và it costs 300 Credits.

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720P is a đoạn phim of 1280 pixels wide and 7đôi mươi pixels tall, sometimes refered as HD đoạn phim. Costs 600 Credits.1080P is a video clip of 19trăng tròn pixels wide và 1080 pixels tall, sometimes refered as a FullHD video clip. This one costs 900 credits.

Get your Credits và learn more about pricing here...


Share your videos on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, via gmail và more. Business professionals can easily embed videos in your trang web or blog with a single line of code. Just go to «My Videos» section và select the video you want ot nói qua or download khổng lồ your computer.

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