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Join the millions of medical professionals, students, và anatomy enthusiasts who use Human Anatomy Atlas to see inside & better understand the human body!



"This ứng dụng takes understanding anatomy lớn a different level. It"s immensely useful for medical students & professionals alượt thích. 3d modelling is stunningly accurate. The ability to lớn visualize any structure in any plane desired helps for great anatomical orientation."R Krish, Google Play

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"This phầm mềm is so wonderful & I’m so glad I purchased it. I’m taking Human anatomy for one of my college courses, sometimes I can’t make it lớn open labs due to work. But this app makes up for it. It has everything you need. 10/10"

Mr. Dwight, iTunes

"I’m a medical coder for cấp độ one trauma & retìm kiếm facility. This tiện ích has helped tremendously in interpreting the surgical reports, as far as finding body parts being worked on - down khổng lồ the deepest layer. Kudos to the team!!"

Belle-Vue, iTunes

Learn about the complete male và female gross anatomy with thousands of 3D models that span 11 systems: nervous, skeletal, circulatory, muscular, digestive, urinary, lymphatic, endocrine, và reproductive.Interact with every structure in 3 chiều to lớn simulate a dissection lab experience. Rotate, zoom in and out, dissect through superficial anatomy to study deep & hidden structures, or see structures in complete isolation.Study detailed information, learn about comtháng pathologies, & compare 3 chiều models side-by-side with cadaver and diagnostic images.Delve inkhổng lồ the microanatomy of tissue and special organs, including the eye, ear, & tongue, or sink your teeth into lớn special 3D dental anatomy models!*Test your knowledge with hundreds of dissection quizzes.On mobile? Turn your environment inkhổng lồ a lab with the augmented reality feature—no gloves or Trắng coat required!*Separate in-phầm mềm purchase for thiết bị di động platforms

Encyclopedic reference and study nội dung, in 7 languages

Detailed definitions & pathology information, Latin names, and English pronunciationsGross Anatomy Lab (GAL) simulated lab experience1,000+ question thử nghiệm bank for testing masteryLanguage settings: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, và Chinese

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