Now, I know all of you just read that title, & thought I"m retarded. Well, maybe I am, but I created a petition, trying khổng lồ get a lot of signatures to lớn get my favorite compiler for the Windows platform portable. I figured the people here would be the ones who would want it portable, so I"m posting a links to the petition here.

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EVER. no matter how many signatures you get Microsoft owns the code, its closed source và the code is related lớn more expensive closed source software of theirs.


Yes, but it"s not about source, it"s about legal trademarks. I haven"t read the Microsoft license for Visual Studio, but I would bet it doesn"t allow meta installers (like mozilla) which is basically what our online installer is.

Look at it lượt thích this. Microsoft won"t let us make it portable. Why would they when they"re making a portable software as well? (StartKey)

BTW, what"s wrong with Eclipse và MinGW? Or Code::Blocks?

Well, MinGW is good and all, but for larger projects, I like MSVC. And in general, MSVC is quite good, and I would love sầu khổng lồ see it portable. A LOT of people prefer it.

Wolf9466 said:well, MinGW is good và all, but for larger projects, I like MSVC. And in general, MSVC is quite good, and I would love sầu lớn see it portable. A LOT of people prefer it.

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lol you can be surprised khổng lồ know there are also a lot of projects that prefer mingw over visual studio as well, such as myself being the head developer of PChat and all.

By the way, I just installed Microsoft Visual C++ Express 2010.

I hated it instantly. Took me a while to figure out how to compile, since Microsoft hid the option.

Visual Studio still wouldn"t let me compile, since it was trying lớn compile a single tệp tin. I had khổng lồ go through the burden of creating a project first >_

My experiance has been, MSVC is fine if you are righting your own code.

For opensource projects, just use MinGW. If it doesn"t offer a standard windows port in the format of make -f make.w32, don"t bother with MSYS. Don"t bother with MinGW. Don"t bother at all. Neither MSVC, MinGw, or MSYS will compile it for you.

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visual studio installs all of the parts of it on the c drive sầu except for some parts. i found a way lớn get almost all of vs khổng lồ an external drive sầu other than the c. you have sầu to change some parts in the cài đặt folder of visual studgame ios. the file is called "

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