The lathử nghiệm version of Visual Studio, i.e.

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Visual Studio 2019 is committed towards faster execution, more productive for developers lớn perkhung their tasks; be it be refactoring, debugging and/or faster build process. It gives more focus on real time collaborations between team members using the capabilities lượt thích Live sầu Share.

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What are the new features/enhancements planned for Visual Studio 2019?Quickly open code you recently worked on or start from one of the most commonly used flows like clone, open, or new project.Create new projects with an improved tìm kiếm experience và filters using the new danh sách of most popular templates.Refreshed blue theme.Updated menu và title bar to increase space for code.Improved tìm kiếm accuracy for menus, commands, options, and installable components.Configure specific projects that load when a solution is opened.Checkout và nhận xét a pull request inside the IDE.Visual health status icon in the document scrollbar to lớn indicate the presence of and provide quichồng navigation lớn issues, warnings, and errors in current document.One-cliông xã code cleanup commvà for documents, projects and solutions.New extensibility templates for creating Async Tool Windows.VSIX Manifest attribute khổng lồ mark an extension as "Preview".VSIX Project Templates use lớn declare NuGet dependencies.Reduced Xamarin installation payload form size.New in-hàng hóa acquisition flow for Android emulator.Xamarin.Forms XAML property editor.Xamarin.Android Designer improvements with support for sample data.Support for find all references in Razor (.cshtml) files.Use Visual Studio with improved clarity across monitors with varying DPIs.Move sầu some services lớn the background so solutions load faster.Visual Studio tooling (e.g. XAML và WinForms Designers, phầm mềm publishing tools) for WinForms and WPF development with .NET Chip Core 3.Xamarin.Forms 4.0 templates và tooling tư vấn.Xamarin.Android Designer improvements with initial support for constraint layouts.Xamarin.Forms Previewer improvements.Enhanced Fast Deployment for Xamarin.Android.Android API 29 Support.Updated Test Explorer that provides better performance for large numbers of tests, và enhanced grouping and sorting capabilities.Full featured debugging, interactive sầu window, and IntelliSense experience when using xuất hiện Folder with Pythuôn.Debugging Pynhỏ nhắn Flask và Django apps with auto-reload enabled.Ability to lớn add Squốc lộ Azure databases, Storage Accounts, Application Insights, và Key Vaults lớn existing Azure App Service instances from the publish summary page.Support for running .NET Unit Tests against projects that target multiple .NET frameworks (e.g. .NET Framework và .NET Core).Basic x:bind support for XAML edit and continue.Download

Download Visual Studio Community, Professional, and Enterprise. Try Visual Studio Code or Team Foundation Server for không tính tiền today.