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Again, the repetitions &, in particular, the stuttered chorus chanted by the backing vocalists, are what lend the tuy nhiên its rhythmic power.
Pre-recorded female speaking voices are often by vocalists or singers who perkhung a text by someone else, specifically for the production of the composition.
What is the gender distribution with regard lớn vocalists performing this kind of electrovocal composition?
The gendered roles of the live sầu, pre-recorded and synthesised voices are discussed & the musical couple of the male composer and the female vocalist emerges.
Again there are five sầu vocalists, but instead of an orchestra there is a tape plus cinematic projections.
She also approaches the issue with the idea that women"s role as non-composing vocalists does not count.
By focusing on voices & vocalists in electroacoustic music, more female influences can be discerned in this genre than by focusing only on composers.
One kind of electrovocal music consists of compositions for a vocalist, who is performing live from a score, & tape or other electronics.

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