What Is Web Companion Software, And Why Do I Have It Installed On My Computer?

Web Companion is a potentially unwanted program designed lớn deliver advertisements. PUPs may, in some cases, modify the Windows registry and engage in other unwanted system changes. To revert these modifications, scan tour machine with a repair tool Remove it now Remove it now
More information about Reimаge & Uninstall Instructions. Please Review Reimаge EULA & Privacy Policy. Reimаge scanner & manual repair option is không lấy phí. An advanced version must be purchased.
More information about Intego & Uninstall Instructions. Please nhận xét Intego EULA & Privacy Policy. Intego scanner và manual repair option is không tính tiền. An advanced version must be purchased.

What is Web companion?

Web Companion is the security software that comes lớn your system uninvited

Lavasoft website companion can be uninstalled manually by eliminating its Service WCAssistantService

How lớn uninstall Web companion from Windows

If you have sầu already tried this security tool và found it useless, we recommend you to lớn remove sầu Lavasoft Web companion right away. You have two options — manual and automatic elimination for the removal of this app. However, as we have already pointed out, the tiện ích is not malicious & you should have sầu no issues while trying khổng lồ get rid of it manually.

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Nevertheless, as BedyNet.ru<6> researchers and other experts declare, the best way to lớn protect the computer against potentially unwanted programs in the future is lớn have a reliable antivi khuẩn installed on the system. It will also uninstall all unnecessary applications that might have sầu come lớn your system via software-bundles.

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In this case, perform removal from Windows 10 và other versions by using the guidelines presented below. We highly recommover uninstalling all suspicious entries from the system to prevent other issues on your computer in the future. To prevent software bundles, don't forget khổng lồ monitor the installation of every software you download. For that, you just need to opt for Custom/Advanced installation mode.

You may remove sầu virus damage with a help of ReimageIntego. SpyHunter 5Combo Cleaner & Malwarebytes are recommended khổng lồ detect potentially unwanted programs & viruses with all their files & registry entries that are related khổng lồ them.