Please note that ARCHICAD 19 does not tư vấn Wibu key protection, ARCHICAD 18 was the last version which can be run with Wibu keys.

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WibuKeys are backwards compatible. That is, a WibuKey programmed for ARCHICAD 16 can run previous versions baông chồng lớn ARCHICAD 7.0 (or, with proper tools installed, bachồng khổng lồ 6.0).

 How WIBU-KEY Server works

The WIBU-KEY Server Application is an application that offers services lớn WIBU-KEY Clients which run in the same LAN (Local Area Network). On all computers where an ARCHICAD runs a Wibu-Key Client is also phối up (If the ARCHICAD package has been properly installed & WIBU option has been chosen at installation). When ARCHICAD is started on a computer then this ARCHICAD will communicate with the Wibu-Key Client on this computer. The WIBU-KEY Client then gets a license for running ARCHICAD either from the locally plugged Single Wibu-Key or it searches the LAN for a WIBU-KEY Server. The reached WIBU-KEY Server then gets the license from a Network Wibu-Key plugged in there & it allocates to the ARCHICAD that was initially asking for it by sending the needed information back khổng lồ lớn the ARCHICAD application through the WIBU-KEY Client.

Setting up a basic WIBU-KEY Server configuration

Select a computer in your LAN on which you will install the WIBU-KEY Server application. This computer might be whichever computer in the LAN (even one where an ARCHICAD will be running), the only thing that you should consider is that this computer should always be running & should be available on the LAN while anyone is working on an ARCHICAD. Due to lớn this the WIBU-KEY Server is most commonly installed on a computer where other services are also running, so most commonly this is a Server Computer.

System requirements for VPS computer

Windows (XP/Vista/7/8.1/10) or OSX (10.6+ ) operating systemsTCP/IPhường protocol on client and server machinesMinimum 15MB free hard disc spaceUSB hardware key (with NET licenses, but also single key can be used lớn nội dung its one license)

Installing the WIBU-KEY Server for ARCHICAD

Note: Before you install WIBU-KEY WkLAN VPS application, disable standby & hibernate features in the Power nguồn Options control panel.

Make sure that no Wibu-Key is plugged into lớn the computer.Insert ARCHICAD install DVDLaunch WIBUKEY.exe for installation on Windows Operating SystemLaunch Wibu Installer.app for installation on OSX Operating SystemLeave sầu all settings unmodified (i.e. Don"t kiểm tra the "Install as NT Service" option on Windows)Finish installationAttach your WIBU hardware key to lớn your server computer

Using the WIBU-KEY server

On Windows

Launch the Network Server program from Start menuProgramsWIBU-KEY thực đơn. The WIBU-KEY Server inhỏ will appear in the system tray.Double-clicking the WIBU-KEY Server icon will open the Server Status Window.To turn off the WIBU-KEY Server, make sure that the Server Status Window is closed, then right-clichồng the System Tray inhỏ, & select Exit from the context thực đơn.

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Note: If you wish lớn start the hệ thống as a service, then start the Server application, right-cliông xã the System Tray inhỏ, và select Start as Service.

On Mac

Launch WkSvMacX.app from ApplicationWIBUKEYThe server can be also started as a daetháng - run WkConfig & on the Server tab check Start Daetháng on Boot checkbox


To create a log of the WIBU-KEY Server activity, right-cliông chồng the System Tray ibé, và kiểm tra the Logging option on Windows. Server logs will be saved lớn %PROGRAM FILES%WIBUKEYServer WkServer .log. On Mac you can change the logging status & path on the Server tab of WkConfig .

Managing users

For a detailed description see: WibuKey/ManagingUsers

On PC you can cancel users connected to the Server by the Server Monitor Application.

Start Server Monitor from the Start menuProgramsWIBU-KEY menuClick the Browse network button to see all the WIBU-KEY Servers in your NetworkSelect a VPS in the WIBU-KEY Server List: to lớn see users connected to that specific ServerYou can see the access information of all active users. You can also cancel users with the Cancel user command

Note: You can install và run the Server Monitor application on any computers in the Network, not just the WIBU-KEY Server computer.

On Mac use WibuKey Server Web Monitor to manage users

Run WkSvMacX.app, choose Action/mở cửa WebmonitorIn your browser you can see information about all active users (cluster tab), và also you can cancel users with the Cancel user command

You can mix a Time Out period, after which inactive (crashed) licenses will be automatically cancelled. mở cửa the WIBU-KEY Control Panel (accessible from the Windows control panel, or by clicking the Control Panel button in the Server Monitor), & select the Server tab page. Set the Time Out value in minutes. The mặc định value is 1440 minutes (24 hours). On Mac the same settings can be found in WkConfig under Server tab.

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